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Car seat question - confused. Rss

Hi everyone smile

Last week we bought a convertible car seat (the kind that is newborn - 18kg) and can be rear facing or normal facing.

Now do I need a capsule as well?? Or is the convertible the same thing?

Thanks smile
Hi there,

Both a capsule and convertible are suitable for newborns, so you don't need both.

We borrowed both from friends and will use the capsule for the first few months. Only better because you can remove it from the car without waking the baby. We went to the Red Cross with both and asked them which they recommended and they said either but we decided on the capsule for now and the convertible car seat later.

Apparently the RAA recommends capsule over convertible car seat for newborns, but stacks of people use the convertible as it's more cost effective.

Hope that helps!
Hi magic

No you don't need a capsule if you have a convertible car seat. The convertible ones are rearward facing for newborns up to about 9kg and then can be turned around forward facing for older babies.

Hope this helps

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Hi there

We have decided to go with both -a capsule for the first few months and then a convertabile car seat. I feel bubs will be just a bit small for the convertabile seats (even though they are designed for newborns). It also gives us more options when we buy the seat so it last longer.

I also think (and everyone keeps telling me) that if you have a sleeping baby, and you can keep him asleep you should. Hence a capsule!

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