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Are twins smaller? Lock Rss

hello ladies, my hubs seems to think that i'm pregnant with twins. i said "if so, i'll be huge!!" he said "nah, twins are smaller than normal babies!" i stood my ground in saying that that wasnt the case & so did he.

Just wondering, who's right?

a girlfriend had twins at 38 weeks in Feb - one was 6lb 13oz, the other was 7lb2oz. These are seen as a very acceptable size for a singleton pregnancy. (Both born Vaginally - drug free)
This isn't always the case but shows that twins can be the same as a singleton preg
i was under the impression you would look bigger than normal for early pregnancy and possibly bigger in late pregnancy too even though they might be average size babies 6-7lb ish.

a lady in our May thread is having twins and she suspected it early on as she was huge from the start

CArrying twins physically you tend to be bigger as you are carrying 2 babies so at least 10-12 pound generally speaking, as there are 2 babies in there a freinds twins were 6lb 5oz and 4lb 10oz so therefore 10 pound
whereas my son was born 6lb 10 0z.... so nearly half?

they are usually smaller as they are born at 38 weeks, aswell they fight for nutrients etc.

but you will have 2 in there, so you will be bigger as there is 2 babies.

but it wouldnt be unusual to have big twins, some can be the around 3kilos.
I had a friend who's partner had non-identical twin boys they were 8 pound something each. That's over 16pounds in baby alone not to mention placenta, fluid etc. My son was born past 41weeks and was only 7pound 13oz (which is a very healthy weight) and lost 10kg in total as soon as he was born, this girl must have been huge. Even if the twins were smaller it's still double everything else so usually twin mummies are bigger than singletons. So you were right. (but as a woman you already new that wink

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