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bruised ribs normal? Rss

This morning i woke up with really bad pains in my ribs...feels like ive fractured them, every time i take a deep breath or cough its kill me. Also 2 large purple bruises have appeared at the top of my ribs right under my boobs, i haven’t injured them at all either. Should i be concerned or is this normal... im also 38week pregnant

ow u poor thing, i have no idea what it could be, but id definately be seeing your doc. goodluck

cant wait till my 3rd lil princess is born

if you haven't physically done anything to them, then I would its bubs who has brusied them with their kicks from inside, as you tend to bruise easier when pregnant

my DS kicked me all the time and in the last month I constantly felt like my ribs were bruised, the doc kept saying once he drops down the pain will get better, but unfortunitly for me he didn't drop till I was in labour & even then after the birth I still felt like I was bruised for approx another 2-3 weeks

hope it gets better soon

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