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Gaining Weight Lock Rss

How quickly or slowly did you gain while you were preg

I had my 26 week check up the other day and I am the same weight that I was when I was 5 weeks preg. I have put on nothing

With Locky I didnt put anything on til I was 20 weeks and had a total of around 12-14 kilos by the end. I am only a few kilos heavier now than when I got preg with Locky

Im not complaining but the maternity clothes that I am buying arent getting tighter like they should they are getting looser.

I have a belly and am measuring what I should but the rest of me besides my boobs seems to be getting smaller

If anything I am less active this pregnancy than what I was with Locky where I was working 60 hours a week in a very actuve job.

Any one else been the same?

Hey! im 37 weeks pregnant and have gained 2kg in the last month.... i had gained 10kg in the first 20 weeks last pregnancy and then nothing this pregnancy also my boobs seem to shrink too and get all soft and mushy lol... im also measuring spot on too!

Hey Cindy

I am 20 weeks and only put on 3kg so far, and 2 of those have been in the last month, so not much prior to that.

I was about the same with Noah.

With layla i didnt put on a kg til 23-24 weeks?? All up i put on 11kgs with her but with Cohen at that same stage i had put on about 15kgs lol

I was all belly with her
I am 24weeks and have only put on 2kgs so far but my belly is very is huge so im not worried about the baby she is obviously growing well. So im very happy.
I put on about 15kilos last pregnancy and im hoping to not put on as much this time.

I put on 7kg's up to 23 weeks, and since nothing! im hoping for a max of another 3 kg's..maybe less? LOL! maybe not!

Hey you!

I lost weight for the first 14 weeks or so but now ive started gaining it pretty quickly..

Ive gained around 8 or 9 kilos and im just over 30 weeks.. With Jackson I gained about 16 kilos.. Hoping it wont be that much..

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