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Who has had a sweep before??? Lock Rss

I had one done at 9 days overdue. I was 2cm and it didn't hurt. My waters broke at 2am the next day, contractions started at about 9am, then had DD1 at 5.29pm.
I had one with DS1 after being overdue by 9 days. I went into labour an hour later, then had him 7 hours after that.

3 gorgeous children to love forever

I was due on the Monday and started pre labour, had an ob appointment on the Wed 11am where he did a sweep, then went into full labour the next night (Thurs) at around 11pm. So it was about 36 hours.
hi girls
I just wanted to know if an internal is the same as a sweep as i was tolsd today that if bub doesnt come in the next week the doctor doin an internal???

I was told they will do an internal to see if my cervix was ripe for induction, if not they would have to use a gel to get it ready (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I asked them to do the stretch and sweep at the same time and they did.
hi just a word of warning. I had an internal (midwife was very rough) wasn't technically a sweep but it broke my water then i had no contractions because my body wasn't ready so i was induced and then ended up with an emergency caesar. Just remember a lot of the time one intervention can lead to another.

Having said that i'm sure some ppl will have better experiences, just wanted to warn you of the possible negative effects.
Hey thanks for the word of warning ill watch out for it its my first so getting abit scared now its so close

I was 8days over due with my 2nd, dr gave me a stretch and sweep which wasn't painful for me, uncomfortable for sure but not painful. I was holding DD 4 and a half hours later. Labour was quick and surprisly easy, the type you wish you always have. Wondering if I will get so lucky this time lol, though I doubt it!!!!
Ayla is my first too so i very clearly remember how you feel. Just trust yourself more than you trust the 'professionals'. I know it's hard to stand your ground cos you feel like they know better but sometimes they are so understaffed that they do what's quicker and easier for them rather than what's right for you and bub.

If i could go back in time that's what i'd tell myself and i wouldn't have let them touch me before i was at least 10 days overdue without a very clear medical reason. (i was 4 days over but they changed their dates every 5mins so who knows really)

Good luck with everything. I wish you the best birthing experience possible. I know it feels like forever you have to wait right now but your baby will be in your arms in no time! Just tell yourself when you're scared that this is a beautiful, natural thing and you're probably far stronger than you give yourself credit for!! Giving life is the most amazing and empowering thing you can do.
Hi there, I had a S&S with my first I think I was about a week over. I don't think I was dilated at all as my cervix was still around the back and it did hurt quite a lot. It did make me lose my plug though but still ended up getting induced about 5 days later. I ended up having the gel and going straight into labour, but I had tried all sorts of other things to get it going before that, but I was told that things won't happen if it's not meant to or not ready iykwim, and I ended up having a c/s because bub was nearly 10lbs and wasn't even engaged. So either way he was never coming out by himself so although my body was ready he couldn't fit.
Anyway, I get the whole overdue thing, it does suck a lot!!! But sometimes you have to be patient, but also sometimes it can just be the kick in the right direction.
Anyway, I would have thought a S&S would be a good way to get going if your mw is going to do it. Good luck with your impending arrival I hope it goes well for you and you get to hold your baby soon, Hugs Spyro xx

NZ mum of 2 little darlings

I had an internal at 37 wks to check how ripe my cervix was as i needed to be induced a few days later due to high BP.

Im not sure if my OB did a S&S or it was just an internal, but he did it late morning on the thursday and i woke at 4am friday with my first contraction. So not even 24 hrs later.

My DD was born 4:55am on the Sunday. I had regular contractions from the friday morning that started out 30 mins apart and got closer.

I had an internal with another DD at 37wks 5 days, to check cervix for induction. I think my OB did a S&S this time as i could feel her mucking about. I had a show the next day but that was it. No contractions. I made it to my induction date 3 days after the S&S.

So it can go either way.

I hope it worked for you.

well it looks like my second S & S on monday hasn't worked even though I'm already 2cm & my cervix has moved forward

so really you never can tell!! they don't work for everyone.

It's possible that at 37 weeks that your doc just meant they would do an internal to see how your going, but not to actually do a S & S (usually unless your high risk they don't start any intervention till after your due date)

good luck supaexcited - hopefully your S & S worked & you've have had bubs seeings that we haven't heard from you for a couple of days

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