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Groin strain?? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Not sure what to make of this as I don't know if it's part of the baby's decent downward, or if I've somehow strained my groin. But I have a tight achy feeling there. Has anyone else experienced this, or am I totally off on another planet?

Lisa, Qld, Mum to be

Suppose I should also mention that I am currently 35 1/2 weeks...

Lisa, Qld, Mum to be

hey tamba,
is this ur first pregnancy? its mine and i have experienced the same sort of thing at 34/35 weeks. it started on my right side then moved to my left. i still sort of have it at 35 weeks but it is not as bad anymore. im guessing it has something to do with the baby moving downwards and the muscles etc the little bundle of joy is laying on.

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Yes it is my first pregnancy. It's good to hear someone else has experienced it also. It also has started on my right side! We must be due around the same time. I guess there is plenty more strange bodily things to experience. It's nice not to feel totally alone though with this forum. Thanks for your reply.


Lisa, Qld, Mum to be

Hi tamba,

i have the same i feel it is more a pressure pain then anything...........
i started getting it at 14 weeks it became uncompfortable and at times very painful.........

if someone is to get it early in the pregnancy and it is pressure and very painful, they check to see if it is an "ectopic pregnancy" (the baby is growing in the tube)

but for us its basically just the muscle moving rapidly, to adjust to the baby................ yours would be because the baby is positioning itself and getting ready........... my started early cause the baby is sitting uncomonly (but not worrily) very low

i use a hot water bottle...... i know some say not to use but when the pain is there it needs compfort............. you should try it they work wonders
This is my 2nd pregnancy and I experienced the same thing at around 27wks. I can't remember if it was as bad last time but it is quite normal, just ligaments and things stretching. I found it most painful at night when I wanted to turn in bed, and also felt like my hip/leg joints were sore.

Something I recently found out -for everyones info is that you can get varicose veins, swelling and all that kind of stuff in your virginal area. I got a bit worried when I noticed in the shower one "lip" of the vagina was very swelled up on a regular basis - not really uncomfortable or painful though, so I asked the midwife about it. It never happened in the last pregnancy but it's apparently due to pressure from the baby which varies depending on which position they are in.

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

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