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Homebirth vs Hospital Lock Rss

Can anyone offer any advice on the benefits of either a homebirth or a hospital birth? Most people seem to go to hospital these days, why? Can you still have a home birth in major cities or is it no longer available?



Hiya Roy

Homebirths are still available here in South Australia although im not sure if they are everywhere. Personally for my own personal reasons I chose to have my son in hospital was because:

** If anything had gone wrong I was able to have my son looked after immediately rather than having a delay if I had been at home;

** Drugs were on offer if I had wanted to use them (which I ended up being required to have to help me rest);

** If there had been people showing up whom I didnt want present a the birth the midwives to tell them to go away;

The main reason for me though was the first reason I put, and it turned out I was forever thankful that I did have my son in hospital because I ended up needing to have vontouse because Elijah was becoming distressed and his heartbeat was rising and mine was dropping rapidly.

Hope this helps at all

Love Angel-Alex

SA, beautiful baby boy born 3/04/04 my life

You can still have home labours, this would mean the midwife or doctor coming to your premises, and hey if you can afford it then it would be an experience and a half!!!!!!!!
you can have any kinds of births now a days..........
i am having mine at the hospital and am looking into doing a water birth (bath birth)----- they seem quite good.... but at the rate my bubs come out i wont even have time to get in there smilesmile lol

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