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Routine Checks Lock Rss

Hi All

What are the routine checks that you have these days when you visit your Doctor or Midwife? Do you still get weighed at every visit? What blood tests do you have done?

So many questions.....



Hiya Roy

Well to answer your questions, when I was pregnant with my son I found that I was only weighed once and this was at my first visit, and I only had my blood taken three times.
The first time was just a standard test, which they tested for any STD's, infections etc.

The second one was done when I did the glucose tolerance test, and I had a third blood test done because I had to do the glucose tolerance test again because it had been a bit too high the first time and they were afraid I may have gotten diabetes and had to double check that everything was okay (which thank God everything was).

This was just how many I had to have at my hospital though how about everyone else?

I hope you are well and that everything is going well with yourself.

Love Angel-Alex

SA, beautiful baby boy born 3/04/04 my life

i am finding everything is changing with routine checks....... every hospital seems to be different.......
with my hospital i do a urine, weight and blood pressure............... i had a blood test in the first visit (with my local GP) then i have one due now at 27weeks and i will be doing on more at i think 36-38 weeks.................
my sister, sister in law and a friend are all going to another hospital and they have said they only do one urine test and weight test on the first visit and that it is not done again there after............. they also they dont have many hospital visits, 1st at 18weeks next at 26 weeks next at 34 weeks and then 37weeks and then not again till your in labour
and still with few visits there midwife/doctor changes every time.......
my visits have occured once a month since 12 weeks and now 1 fortnight till 34 weeks and then 1 a week, and each time i have the same midwife.....

we are all in the public hospital system, so i dont see why its so different............ but to me i feel more compfortable where i am - although the hospital that my family are at is closer for me now, i am not changin........... i like knowing if my weight has increased, if any thing is to be questioned, and i like seeing the same person...... i feel it is a more personal approach that i am not just someone on the pregnant list........

What do you think??
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