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a car big enough for 3 car seats? Lock Rss

just wondering if anyone knows which cars fit 3 car seats and have good boot space? im looking at buying a new car and dont want a van.
[Edited on 05/01/2009]
ooo me too, but i rekon any kind of wagon or a 4 door rav 4 etc would have good boot space and a large enough back seat for 3 kids. Station Wagons always have the big boots

We had a Ford Falcon and it fit 2 car seats (or one capsule and one car seat) and a booster seat in the back easily enough! We have just upgraded cause we are having #4 and need another seat, but we would still have our falcon if we didn't need a bigger car! Boot space is pretty good too! I could fit my 3 wheeler pram in and still get all the groceries in! My SIL bought it from us and has twins and her twin pram fits in the boot fine too!
Good luck finding a car!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

definately say ford falcons or holden commodores. they are wide and definately have good boot space.
otherwise a 4X4 will give you mass boot space and can fit 3 carseats across the back.
or a station wagon like someone else suggested, like a ford or something so its still wide enough.


Hi we have a new camry sedan and it fits 3 car seats and the boots are quite large. At the moment we have a babylove capsule, maxirider booster/carseat and a booster seat. I know someone mentioned a rav 4 . When we bought the camry we looked at a rav and theback seat is really like 2 1/5 seats. We put our carseats in and def couldnt fit another. Hope this helps.

Hey, I have a Holden and it has enough room for 2 baby seats and a booster seat. Regarding boot space, I'd maybe look into a station wagon.

We have a territory, it can fit 3 car seats in with room! it great! and the boot space is masive! We had a XR6 Falcon, and the boot space is good, but ounce we got our pram (bertinni shuttle) in there wasnt alot of space for other stuff.
have fun shopping!

we have a toyota lexcen 1995 model... yes, yes, I know it's OLD. It's the same as the Holden Commodore of that year.

Our three baby seats fit in okay, a bit cozy but safe. The boot's pretty good, too. At the most, it has held TWO twin prams and a travel cot plus groceries... pretty good, I'd say!
thanks everyone for your help! now all i have to do is go shopping.
Hi, my cousin and his wife bought a Ford Territory. They said it was the best one they thought to fit 3 car seats and I believe there is still good boot space.
Best of luck with the car shopping.
Hi i have a pajero and it will easily fit the 2 booster seats and a capsule in the middle seats. Boot space is awesome and i can fold down either of the rear seats. It has numerous anchor points in it too so i can safely use the harness for ds (4years). I had a pulsar before i got the pajero and it was a pain with just the 2 seats lol,was nervous when i got this car as i thought oh my gosh it is massive but it is better to drive than the pulsar!!!
We had a ford au sedan and we have gotten 3 car seats in a times.. it's cozy but they were very thick and bulky car seats too.. and the boot is pretty big too. We can fit in double pram, porta cot, luggage etc easy.
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