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Pregnant with second child,looking for the right style of pram Lock Rss

Hi I have a two and half year old and are 10wks pregnant, my son will have just turned three when the babie is born, i would love to have some advice on what sort of pram i should get, I have had a look and there is alot of different styles but what im not sure of is should i get a pram with a toddler seat thats seats at the front or should i go for a two seater pram so he can seat or laydown. Im not sure if at the age of three he needs a proper seat or weather at that age they are old enough to walk beside the pram and or in the toddler seat, at the moment he diffently needs to be in the pram because he runs of to much, he does not sleep in the pram and we rarly do day trips either. Please help with some advise, Also if anyone has a great pram that they could tell me about would great.
Hi,if i would just purchase a compact practical pram for bubs.

i have a toddler who will be just over 3 and a half when this bubs is born and he hasnt been in a pram for ages, i could never get him to stay in it,so im going basic this time.

i think your little one may want to display his independence and walk along side, you may even want to purchase a sweet little child harness or wrist strap while he learns his boundries.

i just think you could spend a whole lot of money on a pram to accomodate him,only to find he wont use it.

or another thing you could do is choose a pram that you can attach a seat to the top front, and if you find that once your using it he wants to sit in it, then you can go and buy one.

hope this helps....


I agree with PP. Maybe get one that can have a toddler seat then if he needs or wants it you can get one later.. I am going to be getting my DD's a child harness so they don't run off, maybe you could get one? That way your child can be independant but you don't have to worry about him running away and you can teach him his boundaries.
You could get one with a skateboard on the back so if he gets tired he could stand on that for a while.

I'm also having my second one but my son is only 13 months so ive gone for swallow lite limo as i like him still sitting in the pram.
i have the ABC adventure buggy it has a toddler seat that is up on the handle bar. it is big but it works really well. they are hard to find but you can buy them online. Good luck
I have just had my second baby boy, and I have a 2 1/2 yr old little boy. I bought just a basic laydown twin stroller, as I agree, my DS1 won't stay in a pram for very long. I have a harness for him, and he likes that he is the big brother and gets to walk next to the pram.

At the moment I am using my single stroller for my DS1 and my baby rock sling for DS2 (he's 2 weeks) this way I have free hands to attend to my toddler!

So I wouldn't spend too much money on a double pram / toddler seat smile good luck
i highly recommend the phil and teds double sports kit

You can change it from a single pram, to a double just by clicking a seat in. I love it, its been a lifesaver

I got it for $700
i am having my second and my ds will be 27months i have a steelcraft ex3 with the toddler seat as my ds doesn't sleep in the pram anymore and then if he decides he doesn't want to use a pram anymore then i can just take the toddler seat off

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