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Whats the earliest gestation Lock Rss

a premmie baby could survive?

is it 23 weeks ??
I thought anything over 23 weeks the doctors will try and save but under they are not meant to.
Depends where you live. In WA at public hospitals they aren't allowed to actively intervene until 24 weeks. After 28 weeks bubs has a 95% chance of survival.
am in WA.

what do you mean by actively intervene?

they could try to stop preterm labour though?

in Perth a friend of mine there friend had a baby born at 20weeks and survived

20 WEEKS????? holy crap! Thats sooooo early! Glad bubs survived!!
yeh must of been a fighter. my mates little boy was born at 22 weeks and he is now a healthy and happy 2 1/2 year old

they will not res a baby under 24 weeks the will stop preterm labour if possible
They will always attempt to stop pre-term labour. But if bubs is determined to make their entrance into the world Dr's will only attempt resus etc after 24 weeks. Private hospitals etc are different and if there is a specific reason for intervening earlier it does happen. Most of the time Drs discuss outcomes and prognisis with the parents and it is usually the parents who decide not to have intervention. It depends on health outcomes etc for the baby.
well in this case they did must of thought the baby had a chance.

the baby was born at princess Margret hospital so at least they have all the right equipment to try and help the baby

if i had a baby under 24 weeks i would want them to try there hardest to help the baby to survive i couldn't just sit there and not try

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