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1st time young mum / when are you supposed to glow??? Rss

hi everybody,

my name is sarah im 24 weeks preggers with my first baby which i found out was a girl!!! i havent got long to go now only 16 more weeks of back pain, heartburn and constant facial break outs.

does anybody else have a problem with pimples or had a problem? if so what product did u use to get rid of most of them, i dont normally have bad acne its all the hormonal changes apparently, and im so over it! one day they are ok and then bad the next!

and when are you supposed to glow? is it a myth?

there is so much i dont know! please anybody with solutions to my questions plz help!

sarah xo

mummy 2 leila & mia x

Hi Sarah,

I actually found the end of my second trimester and most of the third the most comfortable of my pregnancy.

I have suffered from heartburn throughout my pregnancy, and found the best thing was not to fight it - to simply cut out ALL foods that made it worse (the hardest was OJ - but I am now a HUGE fan of watermelon). I also use mylanta - but only three times a day as recommended - so I plan my usage around my most urgent times in need.

My skin wasn't too bad - I simply used an oily skin cleanser - whereas before I wouldn't have.

With regard to back pain - by husband is a physio - so I am really lucky there, however he did get me a hip brace (basically a strap that wraps around your hips pulling them together), this was fantastic for reducing both pelvic and lower back pain, until recently (although my Dr tells me that not much will work once the baby is engaged in later pregnancy).

I hope this has been of some help... and hopefully you will find the next 16 weeks are pretty good!

Good luck

4 days overdue...

Hi Sarah,

My name is Amy, I'm almost 22 weeks, with my first, also a girl!

I have had constant breakouts since I was about 10 weeks. Like you I am totally over it, I've never felt so unattractive in my life! All I have been able to do is keep my face clean, washing upto 3 times a day, and using a deep cleansing mask weekly. This has helped a little, but those hormones keep sending the pimples etc daily. And I am also waiting for that "glow".

When are you due? How have things been going for you?

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

Hi Sarah

I'm 35 weeks now and haven't really had many major problems to speak of but definately from about 22 weeks onwards have had lots of compliments about the "glow".

I didn't start to really enjoy the pregnancy until I had a definate baby bump to show off, until then I just felt fat and frumpy! Once is was a proper baby shape at around 22 weeks I really started to enjoy it and it showed.

I've had a bit of swelling of hands and feet, one bad bout of piles (horrible), getting general aches and pains now from getting bigger and all along have had trouble sleeping. No major skin problems, so can't help in that department.

All I can say is try to relax and enjoy it, it really flies by, at least you know there will be an end to your sysmptoms.


The best thing that has worked on my skin is Jourlique Facial Foaming Cleanser. I have had the odd zit here and there but i find that if i press one then heaps more will come up.

I have also got little bumps on my shoulders and top of my chest... they really hurt when you press them and they look like tiny zits, i hate it. you cant really notice it but still... nothing has worked.

Heartburn has been a bummber for me for the whole of the third trimester, and some of the second. I used to take quick-eze but was told by my midwife to take Rennie instread. But now i have found im alsways craving it and take it even when i dont have heartburn. lol... i think im addicted!

I was told that i looked "fresh" at around 24 weeks and can soemetimes see the glow every now and then. lately though i have been told by random strangers that i looks really "fresh" and "bright"... its a nice pick-me-up!

My hair has also got a lot shiner and healthier. not too much thicker. Its growing very fast. My nails are growing very very fast too.

Good luck. i hope you get the glow soon!

Harley's Mum - April 2006

hi sarah,

im also a young mum to be, and im expecting a girl.
hmmm yeh.... im 32 weeks and my skin is still crap. im not even aloud 2 use soap on my chest coz i end up wit a huge rash!!! i used 2 hav really good skin, but not any more
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