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Estimated birth weights.. how correct are they? Lock Rss

Hello All,

I had an ultrasound yesterday (I'm 32 weeks) and the sonographer was able to calculate my baby's estimated birth weight. To my horror, it was 9 and 1/2 pounds! My girls were 7lb 14 and 8lb 1, but looks like I'm gonna have a big boofa boy this time.

Just wondering for those of you who were given an estimated birth weight... how did the ACTUAL birthweight compare?

Thanks smile
Hi! They told me that my daughter would be maybe 7lb 8oz at the most.... she was 9lb 5oz!!!

I wasnt told at an ultrasound but my midwife told me (after people scaring me telling me he was going to be 10 pound) my ds would be about 7 pound. He came out a tiny 5 pound 11 ounces.

Mine were opposite.
The first he said would be big, she was a healthy 3.5kgs
The second he said would be around the same, he could even feel her thing through my belly and said she would be maybe a little bigger.
Well that thigh was her shin, she was 4.3 kilos. When he delivered her he apologised! He said nothing indicated she was that big!
When I was pregnant with my DD, I had some late complications and ended up having a scheduled c/s. They gave me an ultra-sound 2 days before she was born and said she would be bout 2.5kg (5lb 12 oz). She was born at 2.6kg.

With my DS, on my last u/s they predicted his weight pretty much bang on as well, he was 7 lbs, 3oz.

I guess it depends on who you go to but the people who did my u/s's for both pregnancies were fantastic and were bang on the mark with both.

When I was having DS I had an U/S the day they were inducing me, they said he would be around 8lb, 14oz, he was born early the next morning at 6lb,11oz!!!!
They said afterwards its a guess on their length, H/C, etc, well his length and H/C were HUGE compared with his weight!! LOL He looked like a frog with a giant head!

My SIL on the other hand had an U/S the day before she was induced and the estimate was spot on
I have never had an estimate but from what I've heard from other people they are not very accurate.

I was told Ds and Dd were going to be big, 10lbs plus but they were both 7lbs 10. I had a lot of fluid and my belly measured 46cms at 39 weeks.

I was freaking out because my sister had an 11lbs baby naturally, didn't want to go through what she did.
wow.. The guy who did the ultrasound has been doing it for over 40 years so I'd like to think he knows what he's talking about. But like almost everything to do with pregnancy/childbirth.. everyone seems different and you never know what might happen.

I've been measuring spot on.. but who knows, will just have to wait and see (epidural on hand I think.. hehe)
i was told i would have a high 9 ponds or 10 pounds. she was 7,6. It is only an estimate and obviously it can be wrong. try not to get too worried about it

With DS my OB said he'd be lucky to be 6lbs if that. DS came out 2 days later and was 7lbs 9oz. With DD I was as big as a house and was worried she was going to be a whopper lol. She was born 8lbs exactly. My OB had said a few days earlier that she'd be no more the 7lbs. So I take what they say with a grain of salt and if we go for a third, I'm not even going to ask lol.
#3 I had a growth scan on the monday it said bub was roughly 5.3kg, She was born on the Thurday weighing 5245g so pretty darn accurate but I was told it could be as much as 500g either way.
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