Hi there!
I was told with DD1 she would be a average 7 pounds.... which i thought i would, im only a smallish person size 8/10,and hubbie is small, both of us were 6 - 7 pounds at birth, and both our mums had small/average bubs! But she ended up being a huge 9 pounds 10, christ! hahahaha!
Im nearly 36 weeks pregnant with DD2, and i had a scan at 32 weeks and they also checked size and estimated this one to be around average, 7 pounds, ppfft yeh right! thats what they said first time! we will just have to wait and see...... 4 more weeks smile
I dont know how accurate they are... i had a friend, they said ohhh your baby will be a big one! she came out being a tiny 6 pounds 2...