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Hi, I am a first time poster and first time mum. I am 19 weeks and think I feel my baby moving, but am not sure. Can someone tell me does it sometimes feel like sharp pains. I am getting them mainly really low, under my belly.

First time Mum of Ebony Rose, number 2 on the way


I'm 13 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and i think what you are describing may be bubs moving its different for all women but funnily enough i was laying on the lounge earlier today when i felt a definate kick right in the lower left side of my belly. It was bubs!!!!! I am lucky being pregnant with my 3rd i am able to feel movements really early. The only way i can describe the movemets is it makes me draw my breath sometimes sort of ouch!!!

Good luck let me know if you feel anymore, just wait till you see your tummy doing things you only ever saw in Alien movies!! hehehe

when i was pregant it felt like butterflies in my tummy and i asked around and people said it could be bubba moving that was when i was 11 weeks pregant. it is most likely bubba moving and everyone is different. so goodluck with your baby

nicky,qld,byron 15/09/05


I am 28 weeks preg with my first. The first couple of times I felt him move it was more like me stomach turned over and I needed a fart (sorry, no other way to describe it), but didn't need one, if you know what I mean. Then at 20 weeks, it was like little gas bubbles. From then on its been non stop.

I don't agree with the butterfly thing, its more like someone flicking you but without the pain. Or a gentle electric shock without the pain.

Hope that helps smile
Thanks for the advice smile

First time Mum of Ebony Rose, number 2 on the way

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