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Navel piercings & growing belly Lock Rss

Somewhat silly question but I have a belly button ring and am wondering at what point I need to take it out?
I am currently nearly 20 weeks and have a baby bump but my belly button hasn't 'popped' out yet. I am not too concerned about the hole closing up (if it does I won't bother getting repierced) but don't want to take it out earlier than necessary.
I have a belly ring and when i was pregnant with my son my belly button never popped out but i did have a banana bell in and i used to hate seeing it though my tops and put in a very thin ring and it was fine! Im not sure how it would go if oyur belly button popped but i do have a stretch mark under neath it which looks yukky but i would rather have the ring to look at than an ugly stretched belly button ring hole!

DS 21-04-04 & Due 16-11-06


I'm 34 weeks now and still have my bar in. My piercing is quite shallow and usually have to have any bars shortened so when I got a bit of a bump I just put a longer bar in and there is still plenty of room and my belly button hasn't popped so I intend to leave mine in, full stop.

When I had it done it took about 6 months to heal so there was no way I was going to take it out unless I really had to!!


Just a quick one...but I kept mine in throughout my pregnancy and birth no probs! Am pregnant again so hoping it will be the same this time around....

Brooke xxx

Brooke, 3yo son n due in Sept

i have my belly button pierced also and ive still got my barbell in and im 28 weeks. you can buy special belly barbells that are all flexible so they wont be pushed out when your belly button pops out. my belly button is still not all the way out, but i brought the special barbell and its still fine. I got it from hairhouse warehouse for about $16.95 and its great. the bar is longer that my other ones and it bends any way your tummy pushes it and you dont feel it at all! it even had a gem in the bottom of it so it looks just like a normal barbell. if you want to buy one just make sure you are them for a flexible barbell, or how i did and ask for "a belly ring that pregnant people can wear that's all bendy!"

good luck!
jasmyn smile
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