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Anyone from Campbelltown area? Rss

My name's Mel and I'm 22yo and 34 weeks pregnant with my first child (a little girl!!! - or so they say!) i live in NSW in the Campbelltown area and was wondering if there were any other soon to be mums in the area. i dont really make freinds very easy and would love to be able to meet somenew ppl over this forum, especially from my area.
hope to hear from someone! smile

Mel, 22, NSW, Ava born 28th April 2006

Hi Mel
I'm from Wollongong, so not too far away! I'm due the end of May, not sure what the sex is, but my god its huge! I'm 23.

Have you picked out any names for little Miss? We're still debating that one...

How has your pregnancy been so far? Mine has been ok (after the 15 weeks bed-ridden with so-called "morning sickness" that lasted all day and all night), so far! Everyone keeps asking me if I'm scared about the birth, but to be honest I'm not worried at all. Maybe I don't know enough about it!!!

Would be great to keep in contact.


Hi Mel,

How's the prgnancy going? I too live in the Campbelltown area and am due in 5 days time. I have everything prepared and am now just waiting for the baby to arrive. This will be my first baby and I'm soo big. The midwife told me yesterday that I'm all baby and now I'm scared that I'm having a huge baby. Will just have to wait and see. I don't know what the sex is and have heaps of names picked out but I think when the baby arrives I'll end up picking something else. Have you met any other mothers at the hospital?

I hope that you and the baby are well and all goes according to plan.

Best of luck!

Rebecca, NSW

hey mel
i live in the campbelltown area but in not due till august so i still got a long way and im a young mum in only 18 but turning 19 when my bub is born....its my 1st child and im soooo nervous and sooo scared of the labour and like to hear from you and congrats on the baby girl

DS Aryan 30.07.06 & DS Tyreese 25.10.07 & DS Brayd

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