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Will it be alright? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

This is gonna sound kinda weird but this morning my 1 year old kicked me in the stomach when i was picking her up (was an accident of course she was excited)and it was quite a forcefull kick. She kicked me above my belly button and i'm wondering if i should get checked or if its fine. I thought the baby would not be that far up yet as its only small so should be sitting low down still?? What is your opinion

Babies are very protected by the amniotic fluid, so if you don't get any unusual pain or bleeding, I'd be willing to bet bub is just fine in gives you a scare though, hey?

I have to protect my bely from 2 mean feat at times!

homebirthing mum to three boys!

Yes, i got a big fright lol

Thanks for the reply grin

I agree, I think it'll be fine. My DS jumped on me the other day and his elbow landed right on me belly. It hurt so much but like pp said, babies are very well protected in there.

im sure your bub is fine. i fell down 2 flights of stairs and had no problems. they are very safe in our belly.
With my first we were taking the g.retriever for a walk in the bush when my husband let him off the leash in front of me and instead of going forwards he ran back and straight into my legs taking both my feet out from under me and l landed flat on my stomach! I was 36-7 weeks at the time and went straight to the hospital, they monitored bubs and she was fine. They said the baby is very resilient in that big bubble and with a blow like that l would agree. smile

CMLs mum

wow that would of given you a fright!

thanks for the replys, i feel much better grin

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