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Hi everyone I am new to the forum and look forward to chatting to some of you. I have a 22 month old girl and no.2 due in November. Just wondering has anybody else had experience with cleft lip as our unborn has been diagnosed with this. Bye for now Dal
Hey dal!

I personally have not had anything to do with a cleft lip, but it has always been an issue in our family as my nanna had a cleft palate. 10 mths ago my cousin had her second girl who had a hair lip/cleft lip though was not picked up in ultrasounds. She had her operation when she was sixs months and her lip looks fantastic. She does have a scar though as her face grows it should fade. Also later in her life she can have cosmetic surgery to fix anything if she pleases. A friend of mine had her socond son with a cleft palate. Now i saw him for the first time when he was 8 mths and after two surgeries looked great. Of course you could tell he had a cleft palate as he still had scarring, worse than the cleft lip obviously. I am pretty sure he had a couple more ops to have. Actually a friend of my brothers brother just recently at the age of 20 had a new surgery technique where the sewed the lips together leaving a hole big enough to be straw feed, then let every heal then reshaped his mouths similar to his brothers. Now I think this sounds a bit radical but apparently this is what they did (second person in australia to do this procedure) Apparently you cant tell at all now, and he is living it up with all the girls smile

Anyway I hope your OB has refereed you to a specialty hospital to explain to you what can be done to help with your situation and also with the severity of it. I know that Princess Margeret Hospital in Perth has a lot of information on cleft lips or palates. Hope all goes well!

Good Luck!
Thanks Tania for your feedback it all sounds interesting. We are referred to Adelaide and under an amazing surgeon. Your story is reassuring(to know there are many others who know what I am on about thanks again Dallas
Hi Dal,Just wondering if you got my reply? Its under 'my cleft baby'.Love to hear from you.
Hi Maryanne,thankyou for your response,sorry I haven't checked my computer for a few days.Sounds like we are in similar situations.Since the initial shock of it all I have come to learn that cleft babies quite often move on to excel in areas in their lives due to this driving force behind them,so a 1 in 900 chance of this little problem is perhaps what makes us blessed to have these little beings want to share their lives with us. Anyway this is what I've been telling myself.We are most probably having a little boy which will mean one of each (will be nice).We are under Dr Mark Moore in Adelaide.Who are you under for a surgeon? OK pleasssse keep in touch and let us know how you are coping. Dal
my nephewhadboth cleft palte and lip he was opreatyedon at 6 moths and again a bit lter now at about9 he needs a bone graft to his jaw as his teeth are growing crooked

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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