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not breastfeeding? Lock Rss

i have decide i am only going to breastfeed my baby for the first 3 days. when i stop do i have to take tablets or something to help stop the milk or do i have to squeeze it out?? (i am not asking opinions on wheather or not to breastfeed i have already made up my mind).


I'm not sure, but thats why im going straight to bottle when bubs is born so i dont have to worry about trying to stop the milk. I'm still breastfeeding my 1 year old but im hoping i will be dried up by the time bub comes lol.

im pretty sure its just the same as if you dont breastfeed at all. your milk comes in on day 3 if you stop breastfeeding you just wear a tight fitting bra as the breasts may be very tender and engorged try not to express any milk unless very painful as this increases you milk supply. the milk supply will dry up after a period of time

so if i dont breastfeed at all the milk will go away by itself by wearing a tight fitting bra? i was only doing it for 3 days so my little boy can get the colostrum.

My milk didnt come in till Day 6 (had a caesar which may have had something to do with that) anyway by that time she was on the bottle and my milk (which there wasnt much of) went away without much drama. Was a bit painful for a couple of days but that was it.

You dont need to wear a tight fitting bra.
Hi Melissa,
I only feed my little man for 3 days and went straight to the bottle, I didn't take any tablets, and I was fine.

Hope this help.

How do you get the lilypie count down to work!

thanx alot ot everyone who has replied so far.
mcnamarababy- there is a thread about the lilypie thing my sis did it for me so i have no idea.

Might want to read this, it explains the process better than I can.

this may sound funy but cabbage leaves in ur bra r a great way to dry up ur milk,it may take a couple of days but it will dry them up

ahh lol i used cabbage leaves heaps when i got mastitis its good for that too!

i wouldn't bother for the 3 days - bubs isn't going to get any major source of nutrients in that time

id go straight to bottle - your milk may still come in but not as much, as the feeding encourages more supply

i dont agree with your choice but wont judge - i had huge probs with ds with breastfeeding and only did it for 3 weeks

im hoping this time i have more luck but some of us just dont have it as easy as others

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