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headdown? Lock Rss

I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant and my baby
moved into the head-down position last weekend, but on monday this week, it has dropped right down, so much so I can feel pressure on my cervix and my whole tummy has dropped about 2 inchs,

Had to go to hospital last night cos of bad urinary tract infection and midwives worried i may go in to labour, baby is very low, so they gave me steriods injection and i have to go back again today for the second injection.

Just wanted to know when everyones elses bub's dropped so far down, in all mags and books i got, says anywhere from 34 to 40 weeks, just starting to worry this one coming early too.
Both midwives had different opinions say it could stay there for next 7 weeks or it could come today, any help from you all would be great thanks!

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Hi Mandy

Try not to worry too much about it. I too have heard baby's can stay very low for weeks.

I dropped two weeks ago at 38 weeks (I am 40 weeks today). I had a show, dropped and was 1cm dilated all in the space of a day. My doctor told me he thought I was going into labour within 48 hrs because the head was so low and the other things. The hospital told me I probably would within a week. I was excited at that news (but was obviously a little further along than you are now) BUT am still here waiting (impatiently I may add) two weeks later.

I don't think anyone can really say when the baby is coming ... they will come when they are good and ready no matter how far down they are.

I have my fingers crossed for you that you will last a bit longer!


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