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  5. does anyone no what a inturnal or induction involes.

does anyone no what a inturnal or induction involes. Rss

hi there i am due in 4 days and my doc wants to do an internal this monday. i am a little scard coz its my first baby and i dont know what it involes can anyone out there help me so i know what i am in for thanks so much

Hiya donna,

My little girl was 2 weeks overdue and I was lucky enough to get 2 internals :~ - Not!

Basically for me the internals involved irritating my cervix to encourage natural labour. I'm not going to lie to you - it hurt so much I cried. :'(

But it only hurt for a couple of seconds and that was it. HOWEVER, because you are not yet overdue, I'm thinking it might just be a gently internal where your Dr will use his/her fingers to judge how much you have dialated...

As for an induction that's what I ended up getting because even after 2 internals to irritate my cervix, I still didn't go into natural labour. So they booked me in to hospital and administered a gel onto my cervix. Labour hit 1 hour later with force and my baby was born 14 hours later. I know this is sounding very scary but it wasn't! smile

Basically the gel is used to bring on labour but my Dr actually thought it wouldn't do much and was planning to break my waters for me the next morning. They still had to break my waters for me because my baby just did not want to come into this big world tongue .

Anyway everyone reacts differently to the measures the Dr's take to encourage your body to go into labour. I reacted badly to the gel and ended up with 3 epidurals, 1 spinal block, an episiotomy and forceps delivery grin Fun Fun Fun!! But others I have spoken to who had labour "helped along" have a very different story.

If I can give you one little bit of advice it is to go into your labour room with an open mind. I made a birth plan and had no intention of having my baby any other way - well everything in the plan went out the window and I'm glad it did because I now have a great story to tell!!! tongue

Take care and best of luck with everything!
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