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Hey 2 all the second time mums,

Im 11 wks pregnant and have a 20 month old son. I have heard that u can feel the baby's movements a bit earlier second time around? Don't know if its true ornot. When did u feel ur second bubs movements? I felt bubs number 1 at 17 wks 1 day..... obviously havent felt 2nd yet smile


Hi KarinaL,

I felt my 1st bub's movements at 16 weeks and with my 2nd I felt at 14 weeks, I'm now pregnant again (8weeks) so it will be interesting to see if I feel this one move even sooner again. But yes I think you do always feel the next one sooner as you know the feeling of the movement this time around.

I felt all three of mine from 12.5 weeks so not sure about feeling the movements early. I certainly found I got a LOT bigger each pregnancy though, and plenty more stretchmarks with each baby.. but less weight gain each time... #1 gained 20kg in 31 weeks #2 gained 6kg in 35 weeks and currently 6 months preg and 2kg weight gain..

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