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somebody pinch me! Rss

Hi I'm 31 years old and my hubby and I just found out last week that we are pregnant - 6 weeks today. I have endometriosis so we expected to have a lot of probs conceiving so were in total shock (and still are) to find that I became pregnant only a month after going off the pill. In fact I was just playing silly buggers when I took a pregnancy test when I was all of one day late with my period, and just about fell over (as did hubby!!!) when the test (and following two!) came up positive. We have only told our parents and a couple of close friends, but I am really struggling with the reality of it. Don't get me wrong, I am really really excited, but kinda feel like I can't allow myself to really enjoy the pregnancy, as keep expecting someone to tell me it's all a big mistake, or worse still that something might go wrong. I'm booked to see a specialist at 10 weeks and think then I will feel a bit more relaxed, but does anyone else feel this way? Like it's not real / that you're a fake? And not only am I thinking this, but also stressing about everything possible - washing hands every time I pat our dogs or cats, what food to eat or not to eat, the list goes on and on. I reckon I've averaged about 4 hours sleep per night since we found out!!

I am stressing heaps over this pregnancy... more than my first.. im 11 wks and it still doesnt feel real coz i just dont feel pregnant... i didnt believe it until i saw the bubs and the heart beat at 8 wks... and even now i still dont believe it smile I guesss it will all become mroe real when my belly starts popping out and i feel bubs kicks.

Are u getting morning sickness or anything?? How far do u think u r?



What a wonderful story!!! My hubby & I had been married for 15 years when we started trying and I had been on the pill for 17 years. We conceieved after 5 months and even though we had been trying it still came as a complete shock so I can only imagine how shocked you two must have felt, thinking that you would have real trouble conceiving!!

I'm 36 weeks now and still sometimes I can't beleive that I have a fully formed baby inside me waiting to come out. It's especially hard the first few months as you don't look pregnant and can't feel the baby moving yet and even though you see the scan pitcures it still all seems unreal.

I'm sure after your appointment you will feel better but try not to stress, you'll need all your energy to get through the latter stages of pregnancy as it's very tiring.

Relax and enjoy, it goes by sooo quickly!!!! Good luck.

Hey congratulatins to both of you!!

My girlfriend had an extreme case of endometreois (having had mutiple surgeries to clean out insides etc) she had two miscarriages and took a bit over a year to concieve her beutiful daughter 'Angel' who was born late december and now both are doing great so good on you.

Everything will be fine and in about 34 weeks time you will have abeutiful little baby staring you in the face!!!

Good luck and best wishes
Love Karina & Bubby (due 18th june 06)

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