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Hi everyone,

just thought I would start a new post, just wondering if there were many out there pregnant with twins, I have a 17 month old DD and im 16 weeks pregnant with twins, would love to share a journey with other mums pregnant with twins, or even mums with twins already that can share some light on it, and some handy tips are always great!
hope to chat to you soon
Cheers Renee

Firstly, Congrats!!
Just wondering what was your first indication that you were having twins? Did you find out at your first scan or did you have your suspicions before? I only ask as at my check up yesterday my doc said he thought i might be having twins and has sent me for a scan tomorrow. So depending on the outcome of that, i maybe able to share the journey with you.
i had suspisions that it was twins..we didnt find out till 19weeks..we waiting cose it wasnt goin to change anything if we found out
by 16weeks i was massive...i no not all ppl get really sick but i did..way more sick then my other i could always feel th top of my uterus from really early on..i thort that was weird and i dont remember from how many weeks but i could feel two bums at the was prob bout 13 or 14 weeks may weeks r u now?

I am 13 weeks and have had a few suspisions. I am quite large this time round, and have not been able to hide my bump. I look about 20+ weeks already! and my fundal height measured 19. This is my fourth pregnancy so could just be put down to that i guess but i am a slim build and none of my other bumps have popped so early. This pregnancy just feels so different already, ive never suffered morning sickness other than this one and ive felt movements from around 8 weeks, even with my last bub i didnt feel her move till 21 weeks. Also I just feel so tired and heavy. My friends and family have all been joking that i am having twins this time just due to the size of my bump and I have joked along with them too, but i got a real shock at the docs yest.
Hey ladies,

Just a question, did your blood tests show up at higher level's???? Or was it the normal hormone level?

Hi, my name is Deb and I am almost 19 weeks pregnant with twins, this is my first pregnancy. We find out next Monday what sex they will be so really looking forward to that.
my levels were normal...
well im a bigish build and i couldnt hide my bump ever is my third pregnancy..i didnt get any m/s with either of my other 2 either..but this one was killer.
movement doesnt really indicate anything cose it depends where ur placentas are located..if they r on the front wall u wont feel much till well after 20 weeks and if its on the back wall or anywhere else u will feel them already having a child u no wat u r feeling ull pick it up earlier..i felt movements with my second from 10ish movements with the twins early on has more been like proding...with 2 bums or heads pushing up or down...cose i have 1 placenta on the front wall..
i just sort of new..noone ever said anything to me about how big i was.. i sort of tried to hide it cose i thort it was just my i got to about 16weeks..n my belly was hard as..good luck
let me no how u go with ur scan tomorrow?

hey dani, thanks for replying. I will let you know what happens tomorrow. Only other thing i can think is that i am further along than i thought and AF has visited a few times at the begining of my pregnancy?? as I am sure of my dates. This has never happened before though and like i said this is my fourth and is just soooo different from the others. There just seems to be a few too many other coincidences for my liking though I'm probably just freaking out for nothing.
And to the OP, sorry for taking over your thread smile

congrats to you all- great news smile

My hcg was 39600 at 6 wks and 3 days with twins if thats of any use the normal variation at that time is about 1080-56,500 so although mine was high it was still within the range for one baby.
I also had no ms at all and only gained 14kg the whole pg evn though i was trying to gain more, close friends still couldn't even tell when i was 20 wks in a tight top (i thought i looked really pg lol). so i spose everyone can be different.Until you see it on the scan you just can't tell for sure.jsut an idea... if you are planning more babies close consider getting a double pram that you can add an extra seat to. we are now having to get one when we should have got one in the first place as we always planned ot have more close together....
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Hi everyone, congrats to you all. Just curious were your twins conceived naturally or were any of you taking Clomid?

mine were natural..

i also had the thort maybe i was further along..or maybe it was a boy.(cose i only new my symptoms for thinking..) or that it was twins.. but i new my that theory was out the door...but i have heard that u can b preg and still get a last period..or have it the whole way thro..

Hi everyone,

Wow I was very excited with all the resonses its fantastic!!
Congrats to you all to!!!

I had a dating scan at 7 weeks and they could see two babies heart beats then, it was hard to belive at first, but after my 12 weeks scan there was no doubt there was two!!!
Mine are Natural too!!!

My levels must of been higher too because I did a home preg test at 3.4 weeks and I was a very bright BFP, and thats before my AF's were even due, i am almost 16 weeks and everyone comments how big I am, definatly wasnt this big with my DD, and was double sickness and double tired. I also felt movement very early on too, but havent felt anything for a few weeks now which worries me a bit, looking forward to my next scan its a long time between scans when you cant see whats happening in there, 3 weeks to go to find out what they are!!!

hopefully chat to you all soon!!

cheers Renee

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