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  5. Is it true? the more babies u have the bigger they get??

Is it true? the more babies u have the bigger they get?? Lock Rss

i went to check into the hospital yesterday and the midwife was telling me the more babies u have the bigger they get??
how true is this
so it would be interesting to find out from others how big there babies where when born?

DS07,DD08,DS09 & TTC bub #4 with PCOS&Endometrosis

Hi there smile

I pray to god that its not true lol my DD1 was 4.3kg (around 9 pounds 10) and im only a size 8/10 girl! How does that happen haha! And im due on the weekend with i pray they dont get bigger haha! I have asked a few different midwifes, and they all say no its not true.. who knows we will find out soon enough hehe
Not true... sometimes the weight of your baby is from genetics. usually your babies are around the same size

I am my mums 9th baby, if it were true, i should of been 14 pound LOL!! I was 8pound and my brothers and sisters were all between 7-8pound
not true

Ds 9lb13oz or 4.4kg 6 days late
DD#1 6lb11oz or 3.06kg 10 days early
DD#2 8lb4oz or 3.765kg 9 days late
im 30 weeks with a boy and so far he is the same size as dd#2 at the same stage of pregnancy. so im expecting another 8lb baby. if they are bigger its only by a few grams.

My dh was born 8lb11oz and i was born at 7lb9oz so we are most likely to have 7-8lb babies.

True for me but only just..
DS1 3.4kg
DS2 3.5kg

Not true

DS1 7lb 2.5oz
DS2 7lb
DS3 7lb 14oz

Due to have number 4 very soon, they think she will be the smallest yet.

My Obgyn told me fairly early on in my pregnancy that my second DD would be within around 500 grams of my first and he was correct... she was 250 grams heavier at 3.2kg.

My sister's first boy was 4.5kg and second was 3.2kg so not true for her!
It was true for me

DD1 3.7kg, 8lb3
DD2 4.29kg, 9lb7
It was true for me but there wasn't much weight difference between them

DD#1 - 3.2kg born 40wk+3days
DD#2 - 3.3kg born 38wk+6days
DS - 3.5kg born 39wk+4days

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

True in my sister's case - DS1 6lb 2oz, DS2 9lbs

Not true in my case
DD1 7lb 7oz
DD2 7lb 11oz
DS1 6lb 9oz

DP was 7lb 10oz born and I was 7lb 9oz born so my kids have been pretty much the same as us.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

this is sooo not true.ds 8ib 8
ds 6lb 3
dd 6lb 8
dd 7lb 5.
thinkin this baby is a porker

true for me smile
DS1 4.22kg 9lb 5oz
DS2 4.67kg 10lb 5oz

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