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Sub-Septated Uterus Lock Rss

Does anyone else have a sub-septated uterus? I have been diagnosed with this and can not find any information. This is my second pregnancy and I did not have it with my first child. I am 16 weeks pregnant and the only information I can find only says about miscarriage and being hard to fall pregnant. If anyone else has had this and had a "normal" pregnancy, please share your story!

QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

hi i found out i had a sub septated uterus after i had my first (she was 4 months early but that was not the cause) all my doctor said was wen ur pregnant the baby pushes that line out of the way and shouldnt effect it. i think the miscarriages are all early on and are due to the baby implanting on that part and there not being enough blood supply to sustain the pregnancy,
correct me if im wrong but thats wat i got from the doctor!
i wouldnt think u would have much to worry about but ask ur doc if ur still concerned
Thanks. Yeah, all I could find was the early on info. I don't get to see my doctor until next week so thank you for your help! Just really hard to find any info on the net about it.

QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

Hi there - I just googled it and this was the first page I found. I thought it was fairly informative.
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