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how can i make this baby come already!!!! Lock Rss

i am 39 weeks and soo over it i only went to 37 with my son and to top it off my doctor is being useless at the moment as my placenta is starting to deteriorate and he just thinks its fine to keep going im am sooooo stressed...the baby is already 3.5kg why cant i just have it now!!!!
i tried going for a long bumpy ride in the 4wd and really hot showers ....i am now contemplating castor oil!!!any other ideas?
Oh you poor thing, I feel for you honestly as all my babies were 9 and 7 days late! Not long now though, hang in there sweetie. A friend of mine actually went bowling (ten pin) and the following day, she had her baby! You could also try some sex. It'll be fun trying to find some comfortable positions but hey that's half the fun but some times it works for some women because the same hormone in semen is what they use in the hospital to induce you and to help soften the cervix. Long walks may help if you can handle it and try walking up a few short flights of stairs. Honestly though, if your placenta is starting to deteriorate then bub may end up saying, time to get out mum, catch me!! Bumpy rides though sweetie make it more uncomfortable for you rather than bub as they are really well insulated. Oh I've also heard that nipple stimulation also can trigger labour, god knows how long you have to do it for but again something I'm sure your hubby would be only to happy to help with smile Good luck sweetie and all the very best. Take care and hope it happens soon.
Tanya xx


I know the feeling and I am only 36 weeks. I have had so many small problems that I am just over it and combine it with the heat....
My mum used castor oil when she had one of us kids and she wouldn't recommend it at all. While it did work, it was too quick and made her quite sick to the stomach ( not to mention diarrhea) I have heard that raspberry leaf tea works for some people, walking ( doing that now gives me bad BH contractions) sex ( although quite uncomfortable and for some people not very enjoyable - but hey if it gets things going..) some people say they have used spicy foods eg chilli etc

I can't believe the doc isn't worried about the placenta starting to deteriorate. Um doesn't that mean it isn't supplying enough nutrients or oxygen to the baby???!!

either way I hope your doctor comes to his senses or you find a way to bring it on. good luck and hope it all goes well.
Hi there
Im 5 days over with this bubba... and im completely and utterly over it! i have tried it all, and obviously nothing worked lol
Dont try the castor oil, midwifes are saying not to do it... i know it sucks, but just hang in there smile little angel will make its appearance soon enough!

Im off to see Doctor today to discuss induction next monday/tuesday...
I used Pressure point therapy to move my labour along with my last baby and it worked a treat!

The point i used was in the webbing of your thumb and index finger and you apply pressure towards the underside of the bone of your index finger . It should feel like you are touching a bruise.

Everytime i did this, i had a contraction - i was at the point in my labour where my waters had broken and my labour had stopped. It apparently also works to help with pain relief in labour.

I will be using it gained this time. But for anyone reading this, it is STRONGLY recommended that you do not try this before 36 weeks. I am only 24 weeks and i called its bluff on this warning and well - it worked, tummy got tight and i have period like pains for the rest of the day from doing it once. Won't be doing that again for a while.

OK - Don't laugh but the others i have heard of working are:

Sitting onto of the top load washing machine whilst on the spin cycle.
Eating a pineapple (something to do with the acid in the pineapple)
And of course, Sex!

Good luck with it.. Hope something works for you.....soon.

Hi there

I tried alot of things with my other 2 pregnancies to get things started here are a few things that i researched and tried not sure which one worked for the second one but i know for sure that accupressure worked in my first pregnancy.

I tried what they call the " Galloping" techinique its when you walk with one foot on the footpath and the other on the road.

Eating pineapple. But i have since read that you need to eat around 7 fresh pineapples in one go for it to have an effect.

walking, bumpy car/truck rides

nipple stimulation (needs to be the same notion a baby would make while breastfeeding)


never tried castor oil so dont know anything about it

There are natural things like evening primrose oil rubbed directly onto your cervix

Hope this helps but for sure accupressure if done correctly works

Hope all goes well

mum to Renee (5) and Aiden (3)

Hi there,
not so sure about what to do to get bubs moving along, but i did absolutly nothing to get him going and i went 2 days early- except we were in the process of moving house when my waters broke and i had a lot of stairs so maybe that had something to do with it? Also i was sure i was going to go late because i had no pre labour signs or anything until my waters broke (i had a nice gush.
Good luck with it all

I honestly dont think there is a way to speed things up, for the past 2weeks i have tried everything and if anything worked i wouldnt be sitting here almost a week overdue. Its depressing but try not to worry too much, drs wouldnt do anything dangerous, they are too worried that u'll sue them

hey there kyles mummy i just wanted to know how you went? im 39 weeks and been getting some really bad bh for 4 days now and was looking at trying the castoe oil did you end up trying it or not?

hi ladys thanks for all the replys i am now 40 weeks 2 days and still nothing and doctor wont even induce me for another7-8 days...had astretch and sweep other than really hurt it did absolutely nothing as the doc couldnt even reach my cervix. i have been having pains for last two days but nothing for REAL labour....grrr hurry up and come out please!!!
Hi kyles mummy, i am in exactly the same position as you, i am 40w2d and still nothing, except ive been having some pain since wednesday, but like you, nothing for real labour, LOL. i still have until thursday until my next appointment, and then they will give me an date and time to induce me.GRRR!! my little girl doesnt seem to want to come, so im rather hormonal and frustrated today, feel like crying!! i just want this little monkey of mine to come out already!!

ive been takin raspberry leaf tabs.went for a brisk walk today,have been havin hot showers nothin.........ive had period pain for the last week and strong pinful bh for the last week too but still nothin.we must really have good wombs as our babies dont wanna come out.

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