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Morning sickness in thrid trimester Lock Rss

Hi everyone, i am just wondering if anyone else has had morning sickness in their third trimester? I had it when in the first trimester and was very glad that it had stopped.

little monkeys

Hi Deonne

I had a wee bit of nausea at about 30 weeks, but otherwise nothing. I was glad it was over too!!

With my first pregnancy I was naseaous for 6 months and also the last month. With my second pregnancy I threw up every morsel of food for the entire pregnancy. With my third (twin) pregnancy I was still throwing up every couple of days right until they were born.

Michele, NSW, Taea Grace & Bailey Stephen 25.09.05

With my first pregnancy I threw up until 32 weeks and then started again at 38 weeks.

I was so glad when I seen your message!!

I am 30 weeks and starting to feel like I am 12 weeks again sad I didn't know what was going on. I wasn't actually sick in the beginning but felt sick, and yes, I am feeling that way again - I thought something might be wrong, but maybe it's a normal thing around this time?

What is normal in pregnancy anyway!!


Amanda smile

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