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Belly Button Lock Rss

I am terribly disappointed my bellybutton hasn't 'popped'.
I don't know why,but i am really want this to happen.Several times a day i check to see if it has done it's trick and it just not happening!I really have too much time on my hands now!
Can anyone remember how many weeks they were when theirs 'popped'?
Or anyone who's belly button stayed an 'inny'??

hi! i definately no how u feel..mine has never popped! mine is still an inny lol it sucks but ive always had a weird belly button tongue
Mine hasnt popped either and its not going to anymore.When we were home over christmas all the boys were betting on when it would. Definately looked like it was going to, but im happy that it hasnt!

LOL. No popping going on here either! Nearly 38 weeks with my 4th and my belly button hasnt popped with any of them LOL.

Mine didnt pop with DS. I was sure it was going to as it was 'shrinking' and kinda so streached it made a smiley mouth LOL.. but in the end it just never popped!

Dont expect it to with this one eigther lol... Guess its one of those things where you just need the right type of button gasp)

I didn't with my first but i had put on a lot of weight so there was more belly fat as thats why that didnt happen and with the second one i kinda did but not like completley like you see in magazines lol

No popping here either and Im on pregnancy no:4 with twins and no sign of popping here either.
i didnt pop either with dd and i was very big with her eveyone thought i was having twins with her but no my button didnt pop out
Oh no you don't want that!! LOL each preg my belly button pops (at like 12 weeks..) and i can't stand it hahaha it looks funny under my clothes tongue Can we swap belly buttons?? i want mine to stay in!

PLus my 1 year old constantly wants to press it (thinks its a button on mums tummy)!! shes like 'beep' hahaha :/

PLus my 1 year old constantly wants to press it (thinks its a button on mums tummy)!! shes like 'beep' hahaha :/[/quote]

That is very cute!

I really thought the majority of bellybuttons popped.I am surprised to hear so many don't.
It has 3weeks & 3days to bust on out.I still have hope,as it is stretched to the max and i think my boy just need to give it a little kick from inside and it will spring out!

I was worried bout mine popping but it never did. Now a couple days over due and its gone all tiny but not popped, was so relieved

Oh my goodness, that's funny. When I was pregnant with DD (who is almost 2) I was terrified of my belly button popping! I was so scared that if it did, it wouldn't go back in. I was more scared of that than labour, lol. But it didn't completely pop, just went flat and went straight back in after the birth. I'm now almost 17 weeks preg with number 2 and I think it might pop this time, aaaarrrrggghhhh, lol.

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