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Brest milk. Lock Rss

i was just wondering when the brest milk comes???
Everyone is different, I didnt start leaking til about 1 week before I was due, and that was only in the shower.

Some people don't leak at all during their pregnancy, some do a lot. I started leaking when i was sleeping from 18wks. I don't really remember leaking at all with my second. Just make sure you start wearing a maternity bra at some point during your pregnancy.

Hi there,

The actual milk comes about 3 days after birth. You produce Colostrum during pregnancy and thats what the baby drinks in the first few days it's full of goodies to help give them a good start to life. Some people leak it during their pregnancy. I didn't for my 1st but i do occasionally at the moment with my second. Mostly at night ill get a tiny wet patch smaller than a 5c.

you will know when your milk is in coz your boobs will double in size, be really hard, hot and sore. So make sure you get really comfy bras at least 2 sizes bigger than u usually are. after about a week they will settle down once your body has worked out how much it needs to make to keep bubs happy.

Hope this helps and good luck

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