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I was sure it was a boy.... Lock Rss

Hi all,

I had my scan yesterday and found out I am having another little princess. A healthy one at that hurrah!

I am ecstatic, but I was soooooo sure it was a boy. This pregnancy has been almost entirely opposite to last, and I'm even carrying differently.

Has anyone else had this 'surprise' happen when the sonographer told you what you were having??

I'm just interested is all.... hehehe smile

Ohhhhhhhh Congrats on your little princess! grin

I was sooooo sure I was having a boy this time too, but got the absolute biggest shock of my life when I was told it was a girl! After 3 boys! Not that it mattered either way, I was just so sure I just wasnt meant to have any girls LOL.

Now just have to wait until she decides to make her entrance grin

Congrats Christy!

We tried to talk ourselves into the fact we were having a girl this time around. We only really cared about happy and healthy but, it was no secret we want a house full of boys lol. We've just never pictured ourselves having a girl.

Paul couldn't make it to the scan (I only got in by a fluke - while with the midwives for a check, I mentioned that I wanted to find out the sex and they called down to see if I could get a quick scan done!). We had a nasty sonographer at our 20 week scan who wouldn't tell us!!!

Anyhoo, I got the sonographer to write the sex down and seal it in an envelope so we could open it together that night at home. Paul fell off the lounge and I squealed like a schoolgirl when we read the words "Congratulations! It's a BOY!".

I was so shocked but, elated at the same time.

Thanks misscheeky! Huge congrats on your little girl!!! And so soon too!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of pink smile

Seriously just so blown away at our news! Good luck with the birth etc too smile

Abby congrats on the other little boy. Glad they told you this time!!!! Good idea with the envelope too. Mick and Lexi came with me so we didn't really have a need for that, but I've heard of a few people doing that. So have they given you a due date yet?????
Congrats and i know exactly how you feel. I was SO sure i was having a girl, pregnancy was complete opposite from DS's. But i'm having another boy.
hehe hi christy

For my first 2 i thought they were definately boys - both were girls! and for this preg i thought its gonna be another girl but it is apparently a boy! hehe

No due date unfortunately:(

We have to start having frequent scans to check fluid levels and bi-weekly fetal monitoring from the beginning of June to ensure everything is running smoothly. I'm just hoping my body goes into labour at the right moment:)

Personally, I think I'm still due 2nd July because it seems the only scans I can trust are the initial dating scans. My Ob is trying to insist that I am due late May now! That just isn't possible! I'm pretty sure that, when I went for my dating scan and they said "6 weeks", it isn't possible that they got it wrong and I was actually 11 weeks lol.

My SIL was told she was having a 12 pound baby with her son due to ultrasound measurements... he was born just over 6 pounds! So, I'm taking it all with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, do you have a name picked out for your little girl? Or are you waiting until the birth? We were going to have Icarus for a boy but, we've changed our minds and we're having William now (Billy for short atm)... bit of a difference between those names huh?!

It's funny how you can be so sure of something but so wrong isn't it??!! I was as sure this time as last, right last time, wrong this time! heheh. Oh well. As long as bubs is healthy I am happy!

Abby, I will be VERY interested to see when your little man actually does arrive! With Lexi we had a massive 'window'. She ended up coming on the date I thought she would....showed the doctors hey! Best bet to take docs with a grain of salt, particularly when it is literally impossible!

Because we were so sure it was a boy we are not so organised with the names...I have actually posted another thingy requesting suggestions for single syllable names to use as middle names just to help...! Hmm.

I LOVE the name Icarus!!! You don't hear that often. Billy is nice too smile I love the real old fashioned ones that you never hear though - watching the grandma grandpa thread atm for that very reason!

If you have facebook you can add me if you want - Christy Roth - have some more photos of Lexi and stuff.

Anyway, yes, still thinking of names, still amazed it is a girl!!!!
I am only early on in my pregnancy but I am sure I am having a boy, I even have a boys name picked out... I will be stuffed if its a girl, she will be one of those babies who remain unnamed for weeks LOL
I am not going to find out the sex so it will be a long time guessing game.
I only hope I am having a healthy baby and its still in there growing LOL

Congrats angelfire smile I hope all is well and bubs is healthy too!

Funny how we have feelings as to what we are having...I was spot on with Lexi, but sooooo off with this one! I hope that you are right with your gut feeling!
LOL, both my partner and i were sure we were having a boy too, totally convinced until 20 week ultrasound. i knew that day i would be having a girl even before i had the scan, so even though it was a surprise, it really wasnt, if you know what i mean! my partner was a little disappointed, but has grown to love his little girl. cant wait til she gets here though, i am officially two days overdue now, LOL.

[Edited on 01/03/2009]

I will be very interested to see when Billy shows up too lol!

I'm pretty confident that he'll be born late June or early July.

I was pressured into being induced with Leo because he was so big, they assumed I was overdue. Then it turned out he was only 37 weeks at birth! So, this time, I am definitely trusting my gut instincts.

I'm happy to have the scans to check fluid levels and have the fetal monitoring just to be sure but, I'm certainly more aware of how wrong ultrasounds can be this time around.

We really love the name Icarus too, but... this sounds so silly lol... when we had convinced ourselves that we were having a girl this time, we were saying it was a shame not to use the name Icarus. So, we decided we'd get a boy dog (we already have a girl) after the baby is born and we'd call him Icarus. THEN, when we found out that we were having a boy after all, we had already fallen in love with the idea of having a dog named Icarus lol.

WE just couldn't get the name William out of our minds so, we figured he is just meant to be a William. Paul and I actually don't really like common names - William just kept leapin out at us. We prefer unique names and older names, like you mentioned! I actually really love the name Cyril for a boy. That's my great grandfather's name. But, Paul's family can't say it lol. They're Greek/Egyptian and find a lot of names too difficult to pronounce.

I just went on to Facebook to add you but, there are lots of Christy Roths lol. I don't know which one you are?! Maybe try adding me - I'm the only Abby a'Court.

Have you told everyone you're having another girl? We haven't told anyone in real life the sex hehehe. It's driving them nuts! EVERYONE thinks it's a girl lol.

Anyway, that's enough of my rambling!
[Edited on 01/03/2009]
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