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URGENT - Waters breaking Lock Rss

Hi i might be reading into it but im really panicking at the moment, I woke up this morning and my undies were wet (like i pissed the bed) and I have changed my undies 3 times today.. But im still having the "needing to go to the toilet" feeling and I am still going to the toilet.. iykwim

Im only 28 weeks pregs, and just before I was standing in the bathroom and it was like I was peeing, I couldnt control it..

Does this sound like my waters are breaking?? I have rang the hospital and they said to put a pad on and check it in an hour and then ring them back.. Im just really panicky!!! With my first I had a c-section so I dont know what waters breaking feels like, and what contractions feel like..

I am not sure but it does sound like it

You are only 28 weeks so I wouldn't be waiting

Go to the hospital now & demand to be seen

I would do that ...I would put on a pad and then go down to the hospital ..

this stress cant be doing you any good ..

hopfully it is ust momentary weak bladder or something not to serious !!

go now !!! let us know how everything gos !!
Bugger waiting around for another hour....I would be heading to the hospital now to get checked over!

Good luck.
Hmmm mine was kinda of like this but I didnt really feel like I needed to go to the toliet it just came out def wasnt a gush or anything though just lil bits So not to sure sorry.

Goodluck hope everything is ok

go to the hossy,and get checked your only 28 weeks and your waters shouldnt be braking yet. good luck, keep us posted

Agree, go to the hospital now - dont wait.
yep go to the hospital immediately. it sounds like your waters breaking.
Hopefully you have taken the advice and gone to the hospital. Its always best to get these things checked out. If I had to guess it sounds like a leak in your hind waters. I hope all is well
holy crap, i wouldnt be waiting at all. I hope you've gone to the hospital!
hope all is well.....will be waiting with bated breath til you check back in with us!
Hope everything will be okay, wishing you the best.

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