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small baby?? Lock Rss

Ok so my fundal height hasnt changed in 4 weeks now. I am 39 weeks tomorrow and I measure about 33/34. So I was sent for a growth scan today. It is doing my head in, I didnt get any info out of the sonographer.. only that bub is quite small. But I dont know if its a normal small or stopped growing small. I know she is waaaaaay smaller than any of my boys were.

Now I am waiting and waiting for my doc to call me with the results.

Do you think that I will get induced ASAP if bub is too small?


Can't answer the induction question but I do have a story to share:

When I was about 34 weeks pregnant with DS1 they swore to me that he was breach and told me that I had to come back when I was 36 weeks to check his position. Now I never for one second thought he was breach, but just in case I did all the stuff you are supposed to turn a breach baby. LOL Long story short, 2 weeks later he is head down and something like 4/5ths engaged! What they were feeling was his bum! Anyhoo, we got called into a consulting room and we were told that we were going to be lucky if he hit 5.5lbs, bearing in mind that I still had 4 weeks to go! Anyway, he decided he wanted out "early" and he was that was kind of a shock based on what we were told to expect.

I guess the "moral" of that story is that a they do get it wrong, not just about weight but other stuff too and from everything I have since read, the later into a pregnancy the scan, the less accurate the information becomes. I see here all the time, and IRL for that matter, women who get told they are going to have whopper children who don't and some who get told they are having small ones that don't and a few that actually are pretty spot on but those seem to be the exception not the rule.

I know it's hard, but try not to worry too much as it's not good for any of you; I carried much the same as with DS1 so I thought they'd be about the same size even though I knew that babies tend to get bigger.......what I wasn't prepared for was for DS2 to be 5cm longer and 1.7lbs bigger......ooh and his head was 2cm bigger to boot! LOL I guess what I am trying to say is that small doesn't mean unhealthy, just as large doesn't mean they are healthy and you won't know until the day how it's all going to turn out.

So not sure that has helped, and may have "hurt" (not my intention), but it's my 2 cents worth anyway. smile]


There could be a chance of IUGR which mean Interuterine Growth Restriction. Means baby is on the lower side and isnt getting enough nutrients or has just stopped growing

Safest place for baby to be with a IUGR is outside the belly! If there is any risk, they will induce you.

Seeing as you are nearly 39 weeks, i wouldnt see they would leave you unless they think baby is ok and just a little on the small side

Let us know what the Dr says. Good luck!

PS my son had a IUGR and other issues and was induced
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