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Sleeping on my tummy Lock Rss

I’m not sure if it is ok to sleep on my tummy?

I’m 18 weeks nearly 19, I’m not showing a great deal, but I cant sleep on my side it too uncomfortable, and I know not to sleep on my back, and if I do wake up and I’m on my back I roll over to my tummy.

Is this safe or will I have to concede defeat and start sleeping on the left side??

I have posted this in another section by accident, sorry...

Erin & Jack 17/8/2006 Due 12th July 2008, Vic


it should be ok in early pregnancy.

i know what it's like i am a real tummy sleeper always have been and when i got pregnant with my first i found it really hard to sleep on my side but when you start ppping out more you will not be able to sleep on your tummy at all and will have to start lying on your side so maybe start getting use to it now because when you are more pregnant it's hard to sleep anyway without getting uncomfortable.

you could try using a pillow or something to support under the side you are lying on.
i use to lie sort of half way between my stomach and side(if that makes sence) so the bub wasn't squashed and i felt more comfortable

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I remember being told that it wasn't safe around the 20 wk mark but in my 1st pregnancy i couldn't at all but am nearly 18 wks now and have no problems but i try to sleep with 2 pillows one on one side half under me and the other side the same that way when you roll during the night you don't have to move the pillows. I even bought the long pregancy pillow in the 1st pregnancy but found it useless as i toss and turn all nightit was to hard to move. Hope this helps but you can't sleep on your back either. It takes a while to get use to it but as you get bigger it will be too much of an effort to move anyway.
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