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Iron Deficiency Anaemia..Please help!! Lock Rss

Hi there.

My name's Jenny and i'm just over 11 weeks pregnant with my 4th little bundle.
With my first 3 I suffered mild forms of anaemia which were solved with a different diet. I went to the doctor today to get my blood test results and was told that I'm already anaemic and its already worse than with my first 3. He said something like the iron levels are meant to be higher than 20 but mine's at 3. He said a different diet isn't going to work this time as I need to boost my iron fast. i have a real problem with tablets, I always choke when trying to take them. Has anyone got any suggestions on what would boost my iron quickly? Red meat makes me sick at the moment and i'm already eating plenty of fruit and veges....Please help. I'm really worried as I don't know what the risks are for the baby.....



You could try floradix. It is a liquid iron supplement (tastes a bit like oj. and from memory you can take it with oj as well. You get it from health food shops and there are a couple of different sized bottles. This is more easily absorbed then tablets.
Here is a link to what it is, just so you know what you are looking for!

All the best!
Hi there,

I was advised of iron deficiency (i was 5 when should have been over 20) when 26 weeks pregnant and midwives recommended Ferro -c. I am not a fan of tablets but these seem to go down well and have not caused any side effects.

Good luck


talk to your dr but i get iron injections as the pills just dont work for me.

you get it in your butt cheek and it does hurt slightly and you also end up with dark marks on your butt!!! but after all that its so worth it for me, although i have found in oz they arnt as forthcoming with doing it. i had to tell them i always had them in nz and they waited till the pills didnt work before finally giving in!!


Hi there

I am always deficiant in iron weather or not im pregnant, even when im not pregnant and i eat a healthy diet of veges and meat my iron levels are always around a 2, anyway the quickest form of iron is the iron injection. They inject it into your bum, if your doctor is really worried about it next time you see him/her tell them you have a problem with taking tablets and that you would like the injection.....

hope this helps

mum to Renee (5) and Aiden (3)

Hi Jenny,
Before I fell pregnant i was borderline anaemic and it was associated with very low vitamin b12 levels for which I had to have injections for. Have you had your b12 levels checked? Currently I am on Elevit and they are big tablets so I just crush them and mix with my orange juice (which helps iron absorbtion) every morning.
Also have you tried ovaltine is high in iron amongst other things and there are many different cereals which have high iron such as light and tasty and cheerios. Im vegetarian and have family history of anaemia and have managed to keep my iron levels up there for myself and bubba simply by making sure I always pick the option with more iron.
Good luck!
hey I have very low iron & B12 I have B12 shots in the butt and I have iron put in through a drip over about 5 hours. It is the quickest way to get iron into you. I had It once with my last bub and I'm about to have it again with this one.
Liquid Iron or liquid anything [vitamins and minerals] are better for you and are more easily absorbed in liquid form!

Have a look at Spatone Iron, I've just tried it and it's fine, not yucky taste-just mix with juice and you couldn't even be able to tell that there's something in it. Lot's of chemists are now selling them, I bought my box from Terry White chemist but I've also seen them in Health Food Stores. I also i just found out that if you buy a box of them you get a free 14 day box free once you fill out their from on the net. HERE'S the site where you fill in the form <span class="emoticon wink">wink</span>

Good Luck and I hope everything goes well xox

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