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Hi everyone

Wasn't sure where to put this post but ill get on with my question now
I am 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant andreally wanting ham,tomato and cheese toasted sandwich but have heard that you should advoid deli ham. Does anyone know if its toasted weatheer it be okay? I remember eating ham and salad sandwiches with my first baby when i was pregnant.
Thanks for replys

Nel-Shailer Park, son Aden 14.2.07

i eat it smile and also burgers with bacon etc on them. but thats just me smile p.s. now i want one of those toasted sangas!

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days


If its toasted then i dont see any probs with eating it. I eat deli salads and ive never had a prob smile
Hi Nel,

I love toasted sandwiches with ham so when I was pregnant I asked my dr if I could still have them but she said it wasn't a good idea. Ham is one of the foods with a listeria risk, and you can only kill listeria by heating it to 100 degrees celcius. Toasted sandwiches don't get that hot so the listeria risk is still there.

Hope this helps,

Hi There. I have been told by several people that you can use the ham from the fridge section that is packaged. I just make sure that i only eat it on the day that i opened it. Hope this helps smile

I guess its a personal choice / risk you take.
there is NO difference between deli meat and pre- packaged meat they both carry the risk of listeria becuase of the temps they are kept at.
In my first pregnacy I still ate all deli meats but I have been more carefull this time around eating none at all so i guess the choice is yours.

All deli meats contain the risk of listeria. I personally have eaten ham sandwiches (toasted and not toasted) during both my first two pregnancies and I have with this one. I buy the meat fresh and eat it that day, even though it keeps a few days I will not eat it after the day I buy it - in fact I have a ham and salad sandwich waiting for me for lunch today at work wink.

Its a personal choice - yes there is a risk, but I personally think with an otherwise healthy pregnancy the occassional ham sandwich wont cause any problems. But its up to you if you feel comfortable taking the risk.


Jen - Vic. Mummy to Bella Alex & Tasha

I ate it. Didnt realise it wasnt such a great idea. The last few months of my pregnancy I lived on ham and cheese sangas.. was all I could stomach..

Thank you everyone for you replys.
I remember thats all i live on when i was pregnant with my son. Every lunch time id have a ham and salad sandwich/roll. You wouldn't think that its bad for you considering they always tell you eat more salad and stuff.

Nel-Shailer Park, son Aden 14.2.07

I was told by relatives (we have 19 children in the cousins/inlaws...) that it is fine, providing you have it cut fresh. I have eaten it and god it tastes good when I have gone to my local continental deli which is really busy and I know turns over the meat really quickly. I guess as long as it is fresh it is fine - but is a personal preference.
i still eat it but only occasionally just be carefull and make sure its fresh! best of luck
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