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A not so positive Outcome.... Lock Rss

I think maybe he thought he was protecting her, or maybe it was just hard for him to deal with it. They were very young (18)and she was their first child. Also, my mum's family are not great communicators at the best of times. Luckily I take after my Dad's side!

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

yeah i guess. i didnt really think of it like that.

it still would have been horrible any way you look at it. my heart still breaks for her.

it makes me feel so blessed when i look at my daughter.

love ya'll

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hi Narelle,

I didn't seem to get those pages you sent. Was the email returned to you? We usually don't have issues with file sizes, but this may have been the problem. If you have the time and energy, could you try again...maybe send less? I would love to see them. It's Joshua's 3 month birthday on Tuesday 24th, so I will be thinking of him.

Thanks for your time, energy and support.


Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)

I have mentioned my loss of a twin in other topics so I'm sorry if I am duplicating my story.

On a 33 week checkup I was told that my little girl Rhiarna had stopped breathing and was basically told to go home and come back in 2 weeks.

Cut a long story short, I went back to hospital that night and 2 days later on the 13th of May I gave birth to my little sleeping princess and my georgous son Luke.

I tried to hold on as long as I could for the sake of my living bub but pre-eclampsia took hold and high protein, swelling etc etc and had to deliver. Luckily my little man is a fighter. (now 4 months - 6kgs)

Post mortem results showed that Rhiarna's placenta got a blowout (as the doctor put it). Rhiarna died of fetomaternal transfusion where Rhiarna's blood mixed into mine and what blood she was losing she couldn't replace fast enough therefore died of stress and severe amnemia (no blood).

Little did I know, this could of been prevented via blood transfusions to my unborn child had this been detected earlier. I was told at the post mortem reading of some signs to look out for and believe me I had them all yet I was never told that this was common in twin pregnancies so I didn't think anything of these symptoms.

You can only get so angry and upset at the hospital system. I am not trying to blame anyone for the loss of my little girl at all, I just think the hospital should reduce the number of people they see per day and take more time with each patient. I saw 10 different registra's on 12 occasions when I was supposed to be seeing one doctor. Go figure.

Sorry to go on a bit...


My heart goes out to you all!!

I had a really stressful pregnancy, and it was only because of very close monitoring and my caring doctor that my baby survived.

I threatened premature labour from 24 weeks, my partner was overseas at the time which didn't help my stress levels at all. I spent the next 16 weeks in and out of hospital. They would take me off of my medication and i would start going into labour again. I was caring a very small baby, hardly showed i was pregnant at all. I was monitored really closely for the remainder of my pregnancy luckily, as the last week of my pregnancy my baby started getting distressed, her heart rate was dipping every time i was having a tightening or contraction. It was only becuase of the close monitoring that it was picked up. I was told that my baby wouldn't survive labour as she was struggling to survive now and i wasn't in full blown labour yet (as the doc put it) i was rushed to my cities major baby hospital where i was induced. I was monitored continuously for my whole labour. My baby was born naturally (only just) and was well and healthy thanks to quick acting doctors and careful monitoring.

I believe that doctors need to slow down and take time with there patients and research every we mothers report, thankfully my doctor did.... my heart goes out to all of you who weren't as lucky as i was.

Jayne, #1 Chloe 15/05/04

All my brothers and sisters are quite a few years older than me so I am more the age of my neices and nephews. Since I had Luke (Surviving Twin to Rhiarna-see post above) it seems my neices, nephews and friends are all falling pregnant.

My nephew whos' girlfriend is 11 weeks just found out the baby has stopped breathing and they are devastated.

Last week one of my friends gave birth at 24weeks to a 285gr little boy who just wasn't strong enough to hold on.

Before I went through losing my little girl at 33 weeks we hadn't experienced any loss like this in our family or friends and now there is three of us in just 5 months.

To all of you that have experienced a loss, my heart goes out to all of you.


Huge hugs for you sweet, this is just not fare. i hope you are coping Ok with all of this.

Thinking of you, and please pop in here anytime, if you need to chat about anything,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

My experience is slightly different, first pregnancy stress free and great outcome, becoming pregnant 2 years later was exciting till we had our 18 week ultra-sound where we were told that our daughter had a neural tube defect called "Encephalocele" and suggested a termination as she would have no quality of life if she even survived the pregnancy, we sadly after much grief and anquish terminated our daughters life at 20 weeks and 3 days, had a beautiful funeral for her with all our close family and friends, not a day goes by that I don't think of our little angel Zoe April Hind and I am a member of a terrific website if anyone grieving for a child in anyway, just email and I'll forward you the address, these woman are beautiful ladies whom have experienced losses in different ways and are there to lean on. contact me on [email protected]

BelindaQld, 4 children (1 in heaven)

hey Louise
how r things going?
i have just set up a site for parents who have lost a child had a premmie or had promblems with their pregnancies, its a like a support group bit simlar to this site but u can chat with other parents who have been in that situation, im in the middle of making it big, if ur keen to join or even ur sis inlaw, please email me at [email protected] and use the headding as huggies so i know ur from here,
im in the middle of getting in contact with the nicu that cailtin was in to pass the site around to other parents, so email me if u wanna join or u know any other parents who wanna join who have been in a simluar out come, as there isnt enough info out there for parents, about theses subjects.

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Thanks Narelle,
The photo's were beautiful - sorry to have taken so long to get back to you.

Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)

Following the sad loss of Joshua at full term in May this year, my beautiful sister-in-law fell pregnant again and her hubby announced to everyone that another little cherub was due on 1 July 05 - excitement! We were all so happy for them. Then yesterday, tradegy struck again.....a miscarriage at 14 weeks. We are devasted and cannot even begin to imagine how they feel. With 3 beuatiful children already (11 yrs, 7 yrs & 3yrs) my sister in-law was aching for another child. Time will tell what lies ahead for them.....I hope she does go on to have another baby, but that is ultimately up to them. She is truly a special person, we cannot understand why this has happened yet again.

Safe pregnancies to everyone and thanks to all those special people who continue to contribute to this topic. God Bless.


Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)

louise thats fine really

have they got an email address there are some poems i would love to send them

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

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