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I have a question this is my second pregnancy and i have a 1 yr old i have always had big boobs12dd but have now gone to a 16E and will be a F i think by the end. Has anyone with these size boobs had problems breast feeding and do you honestly think they will shrink back? I would love to hear some stories.
I am also v big (16DD) and have 5 weeks to go so I guess I will be even bigger breastfeeding??

I went to get fitted for a maternity bra the other day and hate the fact the lady kept saying- 'because you are big bla bla ' I know I am big! I do not need to be told...

I have the same question.... do such big boobs cause a problem with breastfeeding?

the other worry I have is how to be descrete when breast feeding so not everyone sees them!

my bub is 9months now n i have finished breastfeeding

but my boobs usually were a size 10 dd....wen my milk came in my bra LITERALLY broke !!!! silly me forgot to take bigger bra's to the hosptial !! in fact i hadn't brought was horrible n i was in agony !

my boobs went up to size F !!! the bra was big enough to put on my head !!!!!!! it was huge !!! i was like "big mumma" thankfully they didhn't stay that way. now ive finished im bak to 10 dd but my boobs will never be the same again ! they aren't as perky as before.

Danni, WA,

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