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Has anyone else been told they need a paediatrician? Lock Rss


I have private cover and am going to give birth in a private hospital so was required to have a ob/gyn for care and the birth. This is so expensive, but I was only told recently (I'm due in 3 1/2 weeks) by the hospital that I should be finding a paediatrician.

I just assumed the midwives and my ob/gyn checks out the baby while in hospital and then you just go to your family doctor once you're home. I don't know anything about paediatricians and my baby is developing perfectly with no problems so was wondering whether this is necessary? All my friends with children have had home births and their midwives and family doctors checked their babies so thery can't give me advice. I'm not comfortable with my ob/gyn to ask her (another story) and hope someone ou there who has had experience might know?

QLD, due 20 Aug. 2004

Hi Mary Lily

I too had Private Health Insurance and gave birth in a Private Hospital (Royal North Shore Private in Sydney). The hospital had it's own paediatricians who come to see the baby immediately after birth and then on the day of your discharge to ensure everything was okay. You don't get to choose who the paediatrician is - as it is whoever is on duty when your baby is born. I thought this was the "norm" for all private hospitals.

If I were you I would contact the hospital directly and ask them to explain the situation more clearly! You pay enough money for the "service" it's the least they can do!

Good luck!

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

I had Bennett in a public hospital in Victoria - Because he was born by caeser a paed was there at the birth and he popped in a coule of times the next few days but I think he looked at most babies - as he was born by caeser i was told by my healthcare nurse that at 6 weeks the paed would want to check him out (found this out at about 7 weeks!!!) i apparently had a blanket referal from my ob which lasted 3mths and was covered by medicare i had to pay about $20 gap...

sorry that doesn't really help you much but gives you a bit of idea of how different everything can be...

I agree def call the hospital or even ask your ob's receptionist - I found mine invaluable!!!!

Let us know how you go


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Mary Lily,

I think it comes down to personal opinion in the long run. I, have not ever been to a pead, yet my cousin takes her son to one for all his check ups!

The only time my children were seen by a pead, was to be checked out of hospital!

Goodluck with the next few months,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Mary Lily

Just checking to see whether you had any success in finding out some more information from your OB/hospital????

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Hello gasp)

Thankyou to all who have replied! I did talk to a midwife at the hospital - and unlike the midwife who told me I needed to just organise a paed. - this one told me not to worry - that it could all be done after labour and they would tell me who is available and make suggestions.

Sorry about not getting back to the boards - but OH MY Gosh!!!! I know I haven't got long now to go, but I've been soooo uncomfortable with intense braxton hicks most of the last week and today I also have sharp pulsing pain (like someone stabbing you with a needle). Has anyone else been through this? I can't imagine two more weeks of this gasp( I'm sooo ready for labour LOL

QLD, due 20 Aug. 2004

Glad to hear it's all sorted out - you have enough on your plate to be worrying about that!

I think I was one of those lucky ones who didn't get any Braxton-Hicks so I can't relate there!

Is this your first baby and do you know what you are having?

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Hi Mum2Gabriella gasp)

Yes this is my first baby - a boy - and the ob/gyn told me yesterday that he definitely wasn't a small bub. I always thought he'd be big as I showed very early and my bump is quite huge! Lucky I'm 5ft 9 - might still be able to achieve a natural birth without pain relief *I hope*. Although since my hubby tried the gas during our prenatal course at the hospital I'm kinda curious to just try it once LOL. At the moment I should be in bed but my back is aching as I've had so many Braxton hicks that the oly releif I get is sitting on the computer chair backwards, rocking and of course checking out the net. I only wish they had a computer in the hospital to try and keep me distracted a litttle from the contractions! I'd be dangerous on auction sites I think LOL

QLD, due 20 Aug. 2004

Hi Mary-Lily

Are you still around? Just wondering if you may have gone early...not long to go now! You must be so excited. Make sure you write back and let us know how your labour went.

I must say, before my little girl was born my OB told me to expect a huge baby (my husband is half Tongan - and they have enormous bubs!) so I prepared for the worst. She ended up being only 6 pounds...



Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

hi we cant afford private and where we are we dont need it. i had a public birth in a public hospital obviously...

didnt cost me anything.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

+ with my emergency cesearian i had 5 docs and 2 nurses in with me so we were right..

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002


I'm back gasp) My beautiful son Wade Finlae was born on 14 August.

I had to have an emergency caeser as hewas so huge (9 pounds 12 1/2 ounces or 4.440 kg) that his head couldn't get low enough into my pelvis for me to dialate any more than 1cm! After 9 hours of intense contractions I almost wanted to die (as I was too chicken to have any pain relief other than the gas), Wade went into distress twice and then they gave me a spinal block and got him out. I was so shocked at how huge he was when they showed us for a brief second before taking him away. He was the biggest baby at the hospital.

But even though it was a difficult pregnancy and birth, he's such a content and happy baby, doesn't cry much and loves cuddles gasp)

We also ended up having a wonderful paediatrician and got to go home after 5 days.

QLD, due 20 Aug. 2004

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