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OUCH!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

is it normal when your hips or pelvis bone really hurts? evertime i walk or stand it aches or like a shooting pain. i still also work and i dont know if it is making it worse or if there is nothing to worry about with working. any advice please.

Hi there,

Yes it's normal, just your bones getting soft. With my DD my hips would only hurt when i slept on my sides. With No2 it's more my pelvis (fanny bone) and can be pretty painful at times. It takes me a while to get going in the mornings or if ive been sitting down for a while.

Nothing much you can do about it, it's just another annoying thing during pregnancy.

hey there,
its normal for the pelvis to move but not if its causing you shooting pain every time you walk. i started to get that shooting pain, so i asked my doc about it and she referred me to a physio, and it turns out that i have whats called pubis symphysis. basically my pelvis has moved too much and the ligaments arnt holding my pelvis in place properly. if it gets worse or dosnt go away, go to a physio if you want to go private or get a referral to a physio that bulk bills, usually the hospital. my physio said that it dosnt go away till after the birth and sometimes women have it still for a few days after the birth. there isnt much you can do, but there are a few exercises you can do which the physio will show you.
good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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I had it from very early on in my pregnancy. To the point where I couldn't go to work because I couldnt go from sitting to standing (and vica versa) and it was extremely painful to walk.( I had a full time desk job).
I still have the pain now.
I did the same as Baba Baby and went to the physio and was told the same thing. My ligaments aren't holding anything in place and my pelvis has moved further then it should have.
Unfortunatley there isn't much you can do for it. I use heat packs (wheaties) and a massage helps temporarily. The physio gave me a few stretches and a belt thing that is spose to hold my pelvis together.

I hope it gets a bit better for you. Hang in there!!! gasp)

It is normal to a degree like the pp pointed out but it could be a condition called SPD or symphysis pubis dysfunction and i have suffered with this condition through all of my pregnancies.
It can become quite painfull especially if you leave it unatended too and worst case scenario you can be put on bedrest to help prevent issues in the delivery room as this condition can be so debilitating that it can affect women pushing once in labour.
Go and see your physio regardless and they will be able to tell you how to manage your pain especially if you are still working the physio can sell you a special support belt which is fantastic for keeping everything together and adding support through your daitly duties.
I currently have to wear a three ply tummy tube which is basically a giant sock over my belly/pelvis its a little tight but releives the symptoms significantly.
Another thing that can help is regular exercise in the pool there are specific classes that you can go to not antenatl but classes run by a physio therapist to help ease this condition and these can also be done at participating hospitals with a hydrotherapy pool.
The number one thing not to do is any exercises that involve walking or running as these significantly increase this condition 10 fold.

You can do gentle yoga on a fitball and my physio said is also great if you can get a hold of the preggi belly series just remember to listen to your body and rest or stop when it hurts.
But honnestly as this conditon can only really be diagnosed by xray and they will ondly do this in the rarest circumstances you should go see the physio for advice and they can advise ways to manage you will notice a huge improvement making any one of these changes.
So dont worry i can definatly sympathise with anyone who has this condition but cant say it any clearer than get some advice before it becomes too bad....

good luck
thanks ladys for all your information. i have an OB appointment on thursday and will discuss it with him smile

hi there, good luck with your OB app!

I just wanted to add that i had a very sore pelvis and hips when i was pg with dd, it was normal for me bcoz i was huge by the end of it, but i pretty much had it from 25 wks onwards.. it kills doesnt it. my hips were popping out while i was sleeping.. soo uncomfortable!!
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