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Curious.... ways to bing on bubs?? Lock Rss

Now this is going to sound like a silly thread and I feel silly for even thinking about it but:

But I have heard and read on huggies time after time different things to do to bring on bubs eg.

Primrose oil, raspberry leaf tea and so on......

In the past I have never been interested however this bub... lets just say at 38 weeks I could be tempted.....

I know some people will think I am crazy for even thinking this however bubs is very big.... me small... lol to say I am nervous and scared about labor is a complete understatement. So if you know about any of this I would love to hear from you.

No your not crazy at all and if you want to bring on bubs later on then thats your decision my natropath advised me wtih both my pregnancies to start taking raspberry leaf tea from 36 weeks drinking a few cups a day to help prime your uterus.
I dont do anything apart from this and (sex sorry tmi) and i have given birth naturally to perfectly healthy great weight bubs both at 39 weeks which is great.

Neither of these cause any harm at all wouldnt really start doing anything before 36 weeks though but thats a personal decison based on your own circumstances.

Something for you to consider really but you can always check with a natopath and your gp/ob/midwife i am sure as your pregnancy progresses they would only be to happy to advise on any additional ones...

good luck
Well from 38 weeks i took Evening Primrose Oil. Inserting 2 at night (wear a pad) I would suggest starting this at 36wks.

I had the Rasp Leaf tea, didnt like it lol. This also from 36wks.

For me walking didnt work. Sex didnt work. Curry didnt work.

Castor Oil did work.

I had a horrible labour however which i dont think was due to Castor Oil but due to that future pregnancies im going to let take there own cource lol.

from my friends and family experiences the following have worked in different instances...

=long relaxing walks
=sex - apparently if both partner and you orgasm at the same time its supposed to bring on labour(something to do with a particular hormone which is really...sorry if tmi)
=spicy foods
=raspberry leaf tea from 36 weeks

if all else fails = castor oil is supposed to bring on labour

my mum was 3 weeks overdue with my 10 yr old brother...she went for a massive walk on the beach and drank a tiny bit of castor oil, and not long she was in labour...she delivered a healthy 10 pound 11 ounces boy at home in the water...

= i have also heard that no matter what you do to bring on labour, nothing will work if bub isn't ready to come...

= if i can give any advice from all the books i have been reading it is to please not go into labour being negative and will only stimulate hormones which will slow down will also create fear which = tension which = pain...not good

the perfect book for you to read if you haven;'t already is "a labour of love"...please read if you are scared about labour etc...

good luck with everything

My beautiful baby boy was born 24 June

= if i can give any advice from all the books i have been reading it is to please not go into labour being negative and will only stimulate hormones which will slow down will also create fear which = tension which = pain...not good

I probably shouldn't say this but tbh I am petrified this time. My last baby was 9 pd 6 oz and it really hurt... I know what goes up must come down but I am scared. The Ob has already said he is expecting her to be a good size maybe bigger.... I am just so scared.

I might grab that book and start reading.... a friend of mine is going to burn me a copy of a relaxation cd for labor.... to try and calm me down...

**I also must say to any first time mums reading my post that my first 2 labors were dreams.... if I could have another labor like that I would have 100 children... someone has also told me its something to do with 3rd and 4th labors that women get the terrors....**

I've heard of people talk about acupuncture as well to get your body ready for labour.. I've never tried it or looked into it lol so other than suggesting it may be an option to look into I'm not help! With Maddi I went for lots of walks and drove over bumpy roads and I still had her 10 days late.


With DD1 I took the raspebbery leaf tea at 36+5. I only took them for two days then went into labour.

I had a good labour, not very long, no stitches either.

I also went to a hens night the night before I went into labour, it was 38 degrees and we had Mexican for tea... could have been the spicy food, who knows.

Do what ever works for you. Either way, bubs will be along soon. Good luck.

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I am 33 weeks, this is my third pregnancy, both my babies were 9pd 6oz. My ob will be inducing me around 38 weeks because he was concerned about the size of this baby, and because it's been a really bad pregnancy. Maybe ask your ob to induce you early, 38 weeks is full term, it is safe. I am more scared of this labor as well.
Hi Girls,..

Where do you buy castor oil from? ive never heard of it?
health food shop

My beautiful baby boy was born 24 June

I tried the primrose tabs with dd ( 1st preg ) and the only thing that worked was sex! We just had sex with ds ( 2nd preg ) and it worked a carm both times. I wounldn't waste your money on other wives tales! We were 42 weeks over with both babes and both were big babes!

good luck

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08


As i am almost 40 weeks I am in the process of trying everything and yup ive had big bubs last one was 10lb 8oz so far nothing has worked for me and I have done
raspberry tabs
EPO tabs
hot baths
went for a bumpy farm motorbike ride then a huge steep hill walk
eating heaps of black licorice as has same effect as castor oil and tastes alot nicer lol

but I am still here lol
so I am interested too as to no what actually works and I think that it is when bubs is ready.

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