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clicking noise Lock Rss

Ok. i KNOW this sounds TOTALLY weird. and it freaks me out.

Sometimes when bubby moves i hear a click kinda noise come from inside. Sometimes its really loud and other times i can hardly hear it. It sounds sorta like when you crack your knuckles or something.

My fiance has also heard this come from bubby.

Im really worried that bubby is breaking his bones in there or something?!!

anyone else heard noises come from bubs? OR am i just a total freak?

Harley's Mum - April 2006

while i have never heard of this particular thing i would suggest that you talk to your midwife or whomever is taking care of you during your pregnancy. if this is something that you and your partner can both hear it may b something that your midwife/doctor has heard of before.

Don't panic as you don't want to go into premiture labour.

little monkeys

Don't stress! My friend too had this and I have heard it once (I am 30 weeks) I think sometimes their bones crack when moving, not breaking but with all the gases and stuff there might be a pop!

Amanda smile

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