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Going mad buying for last bub Lock Rss


I am pregnant with who may be our last baby. It is no.3 with a 2 1/2year and 15 monther, so the plan is likely that this is it.

I wanted to ask other mums about what they have bought. I am finding myslef buying lots more for this bub as its like "i want to try that out and its my last chance..." I bought a fancy chair to feed in (I survived easiely without it with my others) I bought a hammock, planning on buying a hug-a-bub type baby carrier, a baby capsule... (most of this is off eBay, so I didnt pay nearly as much as i could have). Most of this I dont NEED but could definatly use.

I am wondering if it is a combination of hormones and a little of retail therapy as I am at home more now than I have been when preg with the others. But I cant afford to keep going. Thankfully its going to be out in a few weeks, but there is still ebay!

Please share your experiences, it may help me cure myslef of this spending spree.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?


Sorry I can't cure you from ebay shopping - I think I'm a bit addicted too! This is our first bub and we've done the same thing, wanting to buy everything even if we won't "need" it! We've bought a Tommee Tippee nappy wrapper, a very expensive car capsule, top range 3-wheeler pram, a rocking chair, Baby Bjorn carrier, and I've bought SO many clothes off ebay (all new with tags). But hey, its a bargain!

I don't know if it is hormones or retail therapy, but it feels good! We have only 9 weeks to go, and I can;t wait for the baby shower, so I can go shopping for everything else I don't have. Mum and MIL told me to stop shopping until after the shower, not happy Jan! Luckily its this weekend, so I can go shopping next week!

Same as you, I'm starting to crunch numbers and realise we can't really afford such elaborate stuff, but then I try and justify it by saying "we'll use it for the future bubs too..."

Good luck shopping, and I say have fun with it!

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