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Always Sick Lock Rss

I am currently 15 weeks and have caught one thing after another I am so sick of being sick. Has this happened to anyone else? I have friends who are pregnant too and seem fine. Its so annoying so much for feeling radiant and glowing!!

SS, VIC, due: 24/9/06

Oh my goodness you sound just like me. With my previous two pregnancies I never got sick but I am only 10 weeks now and have cold/flu one after another and morning sickness to top it all off. It seems to take so long to get over things too.

I am taking iron tablets now as I suspect I was a little run down so hopefully they will get me back on track and feeling good again.

The baby takes all the good stuff while it is busy growing and we get whats left over. I think this is why I have taken so long to fight things off.

If it keeps going on the way you say perhaps you could talk to your doctor about it?


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

hey how u doing today ?

i was really sik in my pregnancy. for the first 18 weeks ! morning sikness woz contineous and i seemed to get every bug there was. i couldn't eat, be around food or even think about food. some of my mates thought this was funni and would talk about food in detail.....wich of course would make me sik ! as im now a young at 20 i guess my mates didn't haev the maturity to know it wasn't funni ! needless to say i don't se them much anymore.
don't worry soon enough in ur second trimester with a bit of luk u will start glowing n feel much better. all the best


Danni, WA,

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