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Perth mums to be Lock Rss


Just thought id start a thread for all the perth mums, might be good to give advice on hospitals, antenatal classes, baby shops etc. Hardly any of my friends have children so it would be nice to have some perth mummies to talk to.

hope to hear from someone


Hi Lex,

I'm in perth and due early July with my first baby. How i your pregnancy going?

Take care
Hello to all the perth mums. I am due on the 17th of september with baby #2. I already have a little boy who is 2 1/2. I get to find out the sex next week I can't wait.
Good luck everyone..


Hello all

Jem - Yes this is my first as well, only 9 weeks so still very early. Its going great except for my MS which is all day!! So frustrating but it will be worth it. How is yours going?

Hi Katie - Oh how exciting for you to find out the sex. DP and i have decided to wait

Im 21, im due november 21st with Dp and my first bub. very very exciting.

If you dont mind me asking have you decided to go private/public? My health cover doesnt cover pregnancy =( So looks like ill be going public. I had my heart set on Mercy but wont be going there. Im thinking maybe King Edward now?

Look forward to getting to know you all



I had terrible morning sickness to begin with, but thankfully it disappeared at about 13 weeks.

I am booked in at King Edward, its not that far from home and i'll be public. Our financial situation just doesnt allow for private health insurance. I'm not that upset by it though, i'm happy going public.

My pregnancy is going well, had a bit of trouble with Braxton Hicks for the last week or so but i'm told thats pretty normal. Starting to get pretty excited now, not that long to go smile

I really hope your morning sickness starts to subside soon, and you can start enjoying your pregnancy.


Hi Lex,

Just wondering where about's you live in regards to what hospital u want to go to and private / public

There is a private wing at Armadale Hospital called Galliers. I had my DD there through private it was great i was the only one there and i am going back for No2 (soon hopfully) but public. My Dr does both Public and private there and all his public girls actually go into the private side. The only catch is you dont get a double bed and if the birthing suits are full you have bubs in the public ones. it's great the midwifes are excellent and you dont have to share a room.

My Dr is Garry White his room is at Armatage Road Medical Centre. He is great, even with me being public he will be there for the birth not just who ever is on call at the time, like in normal public sections. He's easy to get into prob only have to wait 2 weeks not 5-10 like some.

Because Galliers is part of Armadale Hospital that cant advertise being private so not many ppl know about it. I get so many ppl asking where it is, they never knew there was a private side there.

Hope this helps you and anyone else that reads this.


Hi girls!!

My name is Amy and I am 35 weeks along with my second. We are having a boy, already have a nearly 4 yo daughter, so VERY excited about having a "pigeon pair".

We live in the hills of Perth, and I will be delivering at Swan Distericts which is public. My daughter was born in Broome hosp. and I have no problems with public hosp. Swans have just upgraded their maternity section, and it's really nice. I only stayed in hosp 24hr after my daughter was born, luckily a very straight forward and easy delivery, and was released into the care of my sister and aunty, who are both midwives!!! VERY HANDY!!! Hopefully, the same thing will happen this time, although, I would like to take full advantage of the hospital stay, to get as much rest before I head home!!!

I have just pretty much finished packing my bags, I think I've over done it with everything though!! Ah well, best to be prepared. Our bubs room is all done, everything washed and ready, so now I'm just trying to rest and spend as much one on one time with my daughter as possible.

She is beside herself with excitement about her brother, and I think will be a HUGE helper. She's one of these girls who is way into EVERYTHING baby, dolls, prams, you name it!!
I'm hoping there won't be too many dramas with jelousy etc, has anyone else got other littlies and worried about this sort of thing???

Great to read all our Perth mummies posts.
Hi! My name is Kathryn, I'm 27 and 34 weeks pregnant with my second bub. My son is only 9 months,1week so very close age gap here...
I'm having my baby at Attadale Hospital as I had such a great experience there last time. Id love to stay in as long as possible but having my son be so young, I want to be home to be with him. We have just moved to the Armadale area and so it is about half hr drive to hospital where before it was only 5 mins! But i had a LONG labour last time so don't think I will have her on the side of the road:) lol
[quote][b]Posted by:[/b] bellabo We live in the hills of Perth, and I will be delivering at Swan Distericts which is public. [quote] bellabo - So do i - mundaring!! I was considering swan districts, thats good to hear they have upgraded their maternity section. Ive heard good things about king edward so thats why i was thinking there. My SIL has a 2 year old daughter and she had her 2nd in nov. As far as i know there wasnt much jealousy. Its good with girls because you can say stuff like 'go and get your baby and fed her like mummy' when she has dolls and things. My SILs 2yr old has a doll that she bath's and pushs around in a pram. Tildas mum - Yeh my SIL told me about armadale and it being a private and public. I thought about it but decided its a little to far for us to drive. Jem - my ms is horrible this week =( its gotten worse. I vommit every morning, yuk! I really wish my MS would go away, last week it wasnt to bad, this week it sucks. Did anyone else find it went in 'waves' with them??? Hope you are all well perth mummies =) lex

Hi Lex,
I am having my baby at Mercy Hospital. I had my first baby there and they were just great. If your still thinking off public hospital's Osborne park is another good one. Not sure if that is too far for you. You proberly have had heaps of other suggestions by now. It can get a bit much.
Any nice talkin to you.


Aw Lex, morning sickness is the absolute worst. I had to have injections and stuff because i couldnt even keep down water. Luckily it was only really that intense from about 8- 11 weeks. I've heard of ladies who have MS all pregnancy. Yuck!

Just adding PP, my best friend had her baby at Mercy and loved it there. She was private though.

Really hope youre feeling better soon!

Hi Lex

Im Sharlee - im 18 and 29 weeks with my first little one smile

I am booked in at osbourne park hospital but i was in king eddys all week last week with pre term labour so if my little one decides to come into the world like they think she will in the next few weeks i will be going public at king eddys..

They were absolutly great there with me last week, and going public wasnt bad at all i actually prefer it as there are other girls in your room you can talk to.. It gets quite boring smile

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