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Perth mums to be Lock Rss

Hello all

Well i think i have decided on going to kind eddys. I have spoken to alot of people about it and havent heard anything bad yet and DP is happy for us to go there. I also heard they have just done up their maternity ward as well.

God i am finding this all so overwhelming atm. So many things to book and do. But i guess its not even half of what its going to be when we have the baby!!!

My MS is still horrible today. =(

What is everyones plans for the birth? im definately having an epidural i am a complete wimp when it comes to pain!

talk soon ladies, hope you are all keeping well


Just a quickie, as I'm about to start work. (I work from hm).
I had a great birth with my first, with just a shot of pethadine, so hoping to go the same way. I tend to find the best way is to go in with a completley open mind, as usually it goes in the complete opposite of what you were hoping for!!!

This time i've started reading Juju and Sarah Murdoch's book, Birthing Skills, it's FANTASTIC!! All about using breathing, stress balls, noises etc to distract from the pain. Sounds abit far out, but when you read it, it makes perfect sense.

Well, only about 3 or 4 weeks to go for me, I am finding certain things at work abit harder to do, but apart from that feeling great. Have had a full 10hrs sleeps for the last 5 nights, may as well make the most of it!!!!!

Have a great day everyone.
Hope we get some rain here in Perth!!!
Hi girls,

Sharls i didnt know you were in Perth! I'm going to King Edward too, and i think we're the same amount pregnant. I'll be 30 weeks on Sunday hooray! I've already wished you good luck for tomorrow in the July thread, but good luck darl, hope it all goes well and she stays in longer! Why do they think you've gone into labour this early? Is it just something thats happened, or is there a reason?

Lex, i havent got any set birth plans yet, like Amy just said i'm just going to go in with an open mind and go with whatever i feel. That being said, i would really like to avoid at all costs, having a c section if i can help it. Ouch!

Amy, i am really interested in reading 'Birth Skills', i have been looking for it everywhere. I'm so jealous of you getting a full 10 hours a night, i can hardly get 3 straight hours lately!

Take care all
Thanks Jemima smile

They said it could of possibly started from a UTI as i had it two weeks before hand.. but i no heaps of ladies i have spoken to with Urine infections and they never had problems..

Have you been going to antinatal appointments at King Eddies??

They were pretty good there for me, and if you are going public it isnt as bad as ppl say it is.. I actually prefer it as you get other ppl to talk to instead of being in a room all by yourself (just my personal opinion)

I am going into my birth aswell with an open mind but im a bit of a sook when it comes to pain so will see how it goes lol

Im soo hoping for a natural birth but unfortunatly if she comes early it has to be a C section which i understand why but not too happy about sad..

Well take care girls. Will update tomoro on how my appointment goes, thats if they dont keep me in..

Well, I think I jinxed myself about the 10hr sleep. I had a shocker sleep last night!!!!

Jem, I got a copy of Birthing Skills off ebay for about $42 inc postage. They also have it at Dymocks book stores, although prob best to call them first as they sometimes need to order it in. I think it sells for $39.95 in major book shops. I really need to get my self into it again. I am only about 1/4 of the way through it, but can barely keep awake to read it at night. Will have to try and do some more reading if I get a chance throughout the day. HA!!!

I'm having one of those days today where I would be happy if I went into labour now. I am really ready, and if I feel like this at 36 weeks, how am I going to feel if I go overdue? I was only 3 days over with my daughter, and have had a strong feeling the last few weeks that this bub will come abit early. Wishful thinking maybe. I'm just really grumpy at the moment, my husband has been copping it BIG time!! Everything seems to annoy and irritate me. If I hear a dog barking, or a noisy car, I get agro, like why can't they shut up!!!??? I'm hoping I'm not losing the plot, and it's just hormones!!!!!!!

Well, hopefully everyone is having a slightly better day than me!!!!!

hello perth mummies

sharls - thats not very nice, i hope your better today. what did the docs say about it all

Amy - im sure your not losing the plot. your aloud to be a 'raging bitch' lol when your pregnant.

My ms was horrible this am again, my vegemit toast didnt taste great coming up. ..tmi sorry.

DP and i are going to buy baby stuff on monday =) Hes so excited.

I think im already nesting??? is that possible this early. Yesterday i cleaned out the nursery. Its already clean but i just got rid of all the junk under the bed and vacuumed all the carpets and the walls (cobwebs ew) and dusted it all. DP just needs to move the double bed out so we can put baby furniture in.

anyways i hope your all well and bubs good to

xx lex

Hi Girls,

Know a few of you from other threads, lucky of you to be able to talk to poeple in the same town!...just wanted to say nice to hear some good things about King Edward...

Im in Albany so down south from Perth but our hospital can't cope wiht premmie bubs so if i happen to go into labour before 36weeks i will be transferred to KE!

Good luck with all of your pregnancy's smile


So I've started off today as another shocker. I'm so tired I can barely keep my head up. Just dropped my daughter off at my dad's for a couple of hours, and have come home to rest.
HA!! Fat chance. We have a neighbours dog, who barks and howls when they go to work. I mean ALL DAY. I am not kidding. It's SO BAD. Have called the shire about a hundred times but nothing seems to get done about it. I think I might be abit more sensitive to noise at the moment, but it adds to the stress levels.

The only way to block it out is turn on the tv and shut the doors and windows. Bit sad when you can't even have a window open in your own house!!!!
Anyway, that's my whinge for today!!! Oh, and my husband is useless and insensitive!!!!!!!!lol.

Anyhow, everyone else have a good day, I'll get over myself soon!!!! Amy.
Hi Ladies,

I also live in perth. I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first bub who we found out is pink smile I live South of the River in Fremantle ...

I am going private at St John of God Subiaco... I worked at Murdoch for several yrs and dont want to go there because I will get no rest as I know to many people .... I also currently work at King Edward. I couldnt get in there when I called as they were so booked for September and would only see me if I was high risk. I was advised Kaleeya but also havnt heard the best rap.

I quickly read through the thread and am a bit confused by who is who but I am sure I will figure it out soon!!

Hope everyone is well and look forward to getting to know u all better

Jenn xoxox

Hi all!

I am Fiona and am 27 weeks with my first bub. It is very exciting!! I am going through Glengarry Hospital, and have heard good things from there. Family members have had their kids there so I feel ok about it all. Hoping for a natural labour, but as others have said I am going in with an open mind that not all goes to plan - but would like to avoid a caesar if possible!!

You are all going to hate me when I say I never suffered MS from day one - but horrible acid reflux... Been pretty cruisy actually - DH can't believe how 'easy' it has all been so far - just hoping it continues and is not a jinx...

Hope you are all doing well Perth Mummies - go us!!
hi lex,

I'm also in Mundaring, I'm having my 2nd bub in 10wks at King Eddy's Family Birthing Centre.

I ended up having my 1st there even thought I was booked to have her at the main part of the hospital but they had no bed for me and when i arrived I was 6.5cm dilated so they had to find me a bed...I'm glad they found it down there cos the double bed, own courtyard and being able to b in a huge bath right up until the end was awesome.

Hope all is going well and the ms calms down, mine was horrible I lost like 10kgs cos of it.
Well just spent the last two nights yet again in King Eddies.. rrr this little one needs to decide whether she wants out or in!!!

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