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Perth mums to be Lock Rss

Oh No Sharls!!!! I am a neonatal trained nurse and work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery at King Edward. No offense but I dont want to see u anytime soon!!!

If your bub is born before 32 weeks u will come to the nursery where I work (although i am on holidays from tomorrow for 2 weeks) ... if born prem and after 32 weeks you will go to the special care nursery...

Most people there are lovely ( u always get ur grouchy people everywhere though!! )we try and make it as easy for you as possible!!

I Hope she decides to stay in a little longer. The longer the better for her lungs!!! At 29 weeks she should do pretty well .... we dont stress to much about 29 weekers .... its the 25 weekers and below we normally worry about! So fingers crossed that she stays in for your sake!!!

If you do happen to deliver over the next few weeks (which i pray u dont) let me know and i will look out for u when i am back at work ... Good luck!!!

Stay in there baby!!!!!!

hello all

oh know sharls - im sending your baby vibes to stay put!!!

blah so over MS. i tried something different for breakky this morning hoping it will stay down....pffft doubt it.

Anyways just a quick hello to you all. im going to wash my car and clean my house - fun sunday. NOT!


Lex morning sickness sucks!!!

I found the only 2 things that helped me (didntg get rid of it but helped)

Was white bread with vegemite in the morning then going back to be for an hour .... and frozen coke from maccas (gross i know!! but it really didnt help)

Hope u are feeling better soon!!! My MS stopped at 16 weeks ... hope you are not to far off

fingers crossed for u

Hi girls,

How is everyone feeling?

Welcome all the new ladies, and congratulations on your pregnancies.

Sharls, i'm so happy she isnt out yet, he seems to be hanging in there. Luckily we have modern technology, its reassuring to know theres lots they can do for premmies these days smile

Lex, vegemite on sao bickies, banana and drinking lots of water helped with my morning sickness.

Take care girls
Good morning everyone,

We had a reasonably quiet long weekend. Washed and vac the car etc. My hubby just left for Port Hedland for 2 weeks work, so I'm hoping the bub doesn't make a appearance before then. I would be devastated if he wasn't there!!!

Have my 36week Ob check up this morning,(even though my dates say I'm 37 weeks and 5 days!) always love my appointments, getting to see bubs and hear his heatbeat. Was awake from 2.45am til 4.30am this morning, finally dozed off and hubby was up about an hour later!!! Was just thinking about stuff and ended up making a hot milo and having a read. It seemed to help!!!

Other than hospital app, just need to get a few things from the shops, it's alway so cheap eating when hubby not here!!! Then will head home to put my 3 yo down for asleep, and have a rest myself!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!
hi all!

Yeh i have been having green tea which helps and fruit. Its just mainly first thing in the morning after my breakky i just go and spew it up again. Then for most of the day im ok just feel drained. And certain smells set me off as well.

DP and i went baby shopping and baught a bath and some other bits and bobs we couldnt help ourselves hehehe.

Had my bloods yesterday for the DS ones and then my NT scan is booked for 11th may, so excited to see bub for the first time!!!!

amy - im sure bub will stay put till dad gets back =)

anyways hope everyone else is well


Hi Lex

Ill tell you the best thing i had for my morning sickness..

They are called sea bands, you can get them from the chemist tey are actually meant for ppl that suffer from boat sickness etc but i got told they were good for morning sickness too and geez did they work wonders for me..

I had MS right up until 5 mnths till i started these now im never sick as soon as i feel queezy now i put them on and it goes away..

Hi All Perth Mummies

I am 14 weeks and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with my MS. The best thing I found was to eat a small banana while I was still in bed. Something to do with the sugar and potassium. Then eat small meals but frequently. Kinda like feeding a hangover smile At least the weather is still really nice so try and get outside, even for a 10 min walk. I found that helped just to get out of the house to do something other than work. My dog is happy I can take him out and about again too.

I am booked in at Kaleeya as a public patient as I live in Coogee and am a bit concerned after seeing some of you have had mixed reviews. I only know 2 people that have been there and they have said good things about it. Is there something I should know?

Re: Swans. I was born at Swans, actually my mum had all 7 of us there. My niece was born there too and my sister and sister in law are both booked in to go there later this year (3 of us having babies in 2 months!). Put it this way, I haven't heard anything bad about Swans.

Hope you all are doing well and glad to see a Perth thread!

All the best to you all!

[Edited on 01/05/2009]
Hi all Perth ladies,

Not much to report, caught up with a couple of friends today, our first borns are all 3 and a half, within 3 weeks of each other. They both have their second bubs, one is nearly a year old and the other 16 weeks old. It was great to catch up and the older ones play so well together. Went to Target and bought 4 pairs of comfy pj pants. Got home and put some on straight away. They are joy!! I'm at the stage now where even my pumpkin patch maternity jeans feel restrictive!!! 3 weeks to go and counting!!!!!

Hubby is STILL away, so just me and my daughter. No real cooking or anything when he's not here, so that's always nice. And only have to do a load of washing every second day!! That's soon to change when bubs comes along, so I'd better enjoy it while it lasts!!

Going on maternity and birthing suite tour tommorow at Swans. My daughter was born in Broome, so this will be my first time at Swans, looking forward to getting familar with the birth suite etc. I think it makes it a bit easier when it comes time to go in if you at least know the layout a bit!! Will make it seem more real seeing inside birthing suite. SCARY!!
Other than that, a pretty quiet weekend for us.

Hope everyone is feeling well, and have a great weekend.
hello hello

amy - oh my your about to burst =) i went and baught comfy pjays from coles! they are fantastic i love them so much, i love big comfy pjays. i baught size 16-18 lol!!! but i figured they will fit me when i get nice and round =)

meh not much with me. except the other nurses and i at work ultrasounded my belly (is not the best ultrasound machine in the world) but we saw the heart beat so im all happy to know bub is still in there
i also got my hcg levels back and they are the same as a 15week old pregnant woman!!!!!! no wonder ive been feeling sick!



Oh no!! What happened to our Perth thread!!! Is anyone out there??????

Oh well, I'll just ramble on cause I'm bored and OVER being pregnant!! Had the maternity tour on Sat which was great!! Swans has def improved, the birthing suites were lovely, with a MONSTER ensuite and really nice lounge area with a tv etc. Thought I was for sure having this baby last night. Strong contractions that woke me up for a few hours, then disappeared at 3am!!!! BOOO!!! Not happy!!!

Hubby flys in tonight, so bubs can come anytime he wants now. Sadly I still have 2 weeks til due date, so the hospital says, but my dates say I'm more than a week ahead of them. Midwife said for me to make another appointment for 2 weeks times for antenatal clinic but doesn't think I'll make it, rather I've had bubs by then. Fingers and toes!!

Ok, well, I'll stop talking to myself and hopefully a few of you are out there and we can get our Perth thread happening.

Take care all, Amy.

I am expecting my first bub in early August. Will be going to Mercy. They have antenatal classes but unfortunately as my partner works away wont be able to make the dates that Mercy has available. My partner would really like to come along.

Does anyone know of any good antenatal classes?

Thanks Lara
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