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Perth mums to be Lock Rss

Laralollipop wrote:

I am expecting my first bub in early August. Will be going to Mercy. They have antenatal classes but unfortunately as my partner works away wont be able to make the dates that Mercy has available. My partner would really like to come along.

Does anyone know of any good antenatal classes?

Thanks Lara

The Mercy Physio (LG level of the hospital) also does antenatal classes and are supposed to be very good. I think they are 3-4 hrs on a Saturday for $125. I'm not sure what they discuss though. They also do antenatal aqua classes which are great.
Hi. Is anybody around who are still active in the forum?
I am keen to know more about babies and hospitals.
My name is dyana. Just moved to kewdale.
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