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Sunshine Hospital yes or no?? Lock Rss

hi, I was wondering if anyone had anything to say about having there baby at sunshine hospital recently like in the last 12 months or so.
I am planning on going to werribee mercy but its starting to look like I might have no choice and have to go to sunshine. I am due in august and I have heard alot of bad things about sunshine hospital.
I just wanted to get my head around it either way so good or bad comments are both good I am having a c-section so if anyone else had one there would also be good like how long do they keep you there? how many to a room? how busy is it there... I've been to mercy before and they keep you 5 days and there is 4 to a room for c section but I still loved it so much and trying to work out what sunshine is going to be like.
thanks for any help you might be able to give me

I had my second baby at sunshine and had no problems at all. All the staff were friendly and helpful. I didn't have a c-section but there was no one else in the birthing suites while I was there, they kept me in for 2 days (as it was my second and no complications). I was in a two bed room but I know they have single rooms as well.

I had a great experience there, the only thing I could complain about is the food, it was shocking!!!!!

Can I ask why you can't go to Werribee? We are thinking of trying for a third towards the end of the year and I would like to go there just because it's heaps closer to us than sunshine, my last baby came really quickly and we only just made it to the hospital before he was born. So I was wanting to try Werribee as it's a 3 minute drive as opposed to 25 to sunshine. Have you had a baby at Werribee?
I have decided to have mine at Sunshine. My SIL has had all her 3 there & she said they were great! I have heard Werribee is lovely but its too far for us.

Sunshine have 2 to a room (in maternity ward) & keep you for around 1-3days unless complications arise. They have a lovely food court down stairs that serve all sorts of yummy food.

hi, I had my last baby there 3 yrs ago and I loved werribee but I may not make it there this time because they also have the no addmissions cap on your body max idex. I'm short and chubby already hahahaha so I only had the le-way of like 2kgs and I cant seem to keep it in check. I'm on a healthy eating plan but from week to week I am up and then down again. So I just wanted to make sure I knew as much about my options as possible. But I am currently booked into werribee and still hope to make it there I still have not put on that weight yet so we might have a chance. But if your in a healthy weight range you'll be fine umm If I get it right they take you up until you reach 40 per cent of your body mass index. Thanks for your reply
hii have just found out i'm preg with our second bub, i am in caroline springs and want to go to werribee mercy as my first was born at mercy in heidelberg. Sunshine is closer but i have hearsd its a horrible hospital, really old and stuff. No private rooms or anything like that.

Yeah, Sunshine is definately old compared to the Mercy in Heidelberg, I had my first there but had my second at Sunshine and found it to be good. It is older and I had to share a room but I also had to share a room at the Mercy as well. I'm pretty sure Sunshine does have some single room however I wasn't lucky enough to get one lol

I found the staff was all really nice and helpful, I had a really fast straight forward labour and birth.

But I will also try for the Werribee Mercy for my next one as it is a lot closer for us. I had only ever heard bad things about the Werribee Mercy which is why I chose Sunshine, but just over the last few months I have heard a lot of good things so I will be trying to get in there for my next one.
Hi Tracy,

My daughter was born almost 3 months ago at Sunshine Hospital via cesarian section..All I can say is that they were excellent..I went public and found the staff to be very helpful and caring..I stayed in hospital for 3 nights and had one night on my own until another lady came in who had a natural was fine..I didn't find it very busy and the nursing staff weren't very loud during the night..My sister had her two girls at sunshine as well and had no dramas - she actually got up graded to a private room - you never know your luck, you might end up getting an upgrade too..I hope to get pregnant again in a couple of years time and i will definately go back to Sunshine..

good luck
chris smile
Im in the same boat, im sue in december and booked in to sunshine, Ive heard good and bad thigns so im a bit uncertain
So far my expierence at sunshine hospital has been highlighted with incompetence, i have not seen any replys to this post in regards to the knowledge that sunshine hospital is a hub for student learning.. in saying that the focus of my first ultrasound was completely taken from me i was not able to view my baby as the student nurse was more of the focus for the doctor this made me upset and when i complained i was spoken to harshly and none of my concerns were listened to, i also had to endure his rough prodding the whole ultrasound as he took over a hundred pics uneccisarily all for the students benefit .. not my child's! i have also encountered much difficulty in getting proper opinions on my pregnancy and childbirth and severe pressure to leap right into a c-section as i have a broken coccyx bone and twisted pelvis but have been maintaining regular chiro appointments to prepare my body for a labour i know i am competent to endure with the right knowledge and advice which seems to be lacking at sunshine as i think their whole focus is not the patient but the students... As i have no choice in the selection of where i have my baby i have done my own research into natural labour with these sort of complications and so far have found promising information on how to go about labouring and avoid as much as possible the possibility of a c-setion UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECCESARY (meconium or fetal heart rate rise)
the techniques that must be employed to pursue my natural birth is to labour on all fours without any pressure or weight on my tailbone which has been said to open and widen the pelvis more easily than being in a flat on back position etc..
it concerns me that even though sunshine hospital is known as a learning hub that i have had to find this information on my own, these opinions or suggestions should have been available to me and this is the sort of information they should be learning when it comes to birthing not just a quick gunhow! "better to be safe book you in for a ceasarean" ... no thanks! the recovery time is hideous and think it would cause more damage and discomfort for underlying condition and family... could imagine laying flat on your back on an already painful tailbone and having to learn to walk sit stand etc... so i am pursuing a natural birth in the hopes that i have a baby and a bruise and not a baby and a severe couple of weeks to recover from being cut open! anyway hope i haven't scared anyone as this not my intention just was looking for info myself and thought i'd add a solution that someone may need .. happy pregnancys to all and good luck!
I have to go to Sunshine I wanted Bacchus marsh(as I will be living there in a few weeks) but due to having PCOS they said I couldn't go to Bacchus as they have lots of rules and stuff so that sucks ok so the paper I have that has info about the hospital says if u have a normal birth u will stay for 1-2 days and if you have a C section you will stay for 2-3 days also it says they do have single rooms but they fill up fast(Im demanding one) if you get a single room your partner can spend the night if not due to safety of others in your room they cant. Im not thrilled with going to Sunshine but Ive been forced but my best friend had her little boy in Jan at Sunshine(well she gave birth at home cos they told her she had braxton hicks not in labor and to go home, she gave birth at home in sunbury 11pm that night) but yeh she said it was fine expt sharing the room but Im still not thrilled. I also have to go spend a few hours there tomorrow having my glucos test and other bloods done -.-
I know I'm late in adding to this forum - I had my first at Sunshine in 2007 and am now pregnant with my second and have booked into Sunshine again. I had a fantastic experience for my first (one night in a private double room and one in a shared) I have heard some bad stories since but have also heard worse from parents who have been to Royal women's (my sister) , Francis perry as well. I don't think it matters where you go or how much money you spend every hospital has had bad stories and fantastic stories as long as your happy that's all that matters - I hope you all ended up having a good experience in the end smile
Hi to anyone wanting to know about having their baby at sunshine hospital just letting you know I had a fantastic experience. I did caseload where you have your own midwife attend to you. If you have complications then you still see the obs. I had gestational diabetes, one day after I got the results I was contacted by the hospital for an information session with a dietician on how to manage the diabetes. I was impressed by how quickly they booked me in. The last two months I saw the obs and endocrinologist every second week and my midwife also attended the appointments from the last month onwards. I had a hard labour with an emergency c section at the end but throughout the labour the level of care and information I got was exceptional.
I would recommend doing the free breasting information session before giving birth to your child it will help with breasting and also I would get the free physio therapy for your pelvic floor after. The only thing I did not like was sharing a room with someone, next time I will still do caseload with the midwife but I will book myself a private room in the public sunshine hospital to make my recovery smoother. Hope this helps.
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